Series: Red Stone Security

Lethal Game by Katie Reus

Lethal Game by Katie ReusLethal Game by Katie Reus
Series: Red Stone Security #15
Published by KR Press, LLC on January 10th 2017
Pages: 165
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He broke her heart.

Graysen’s betrayal nearly destroyed Isa a year ago. Now that she’s working for Red Stone Security, she’s managed to piece her life back together after a rough year and a broken heart. Then he appears back in her life and makes it clear he’s not going anywhere until she gives them a second chance. A chance she refuses to take.

Now he’s back to claim what’s his.

Graysen’s never gotten over Isa and he knows he never will. It’s his fault she walked away, but he can’t seem to let her go. He quit his job with the CIA and called in every favor he had to get hired by Red Stone Security just to be near her again. But Isa doesn’t care that he’s desperate to make things right between them—she wants nothing to do with him. He doesn’t blame her, but he’s not willing to give her up. When they’re cornered by lethal terrorists, everything changes. Graysen and Isa will have to find a way to work together if they want to survive. Only then will he be able to convince her to claim the chance at happiness the past stole from them.

Isa Johnson’s barely recovered from the shock of betrayal that Graysen West dealt her in what seemed like a honey trap case for the CIA when she runs into him at Red Stone a year later—only to find out that he has called in every favour he’s owed in an attempt to win her back. But peripherally, there’s also a quick wrap-up for Carlito, who’s ready to cast aside his easy ways with women after meeting “the one” in Red Stone.

The last novella of Katie Reus’s Red Stone Security series is very much like the last few installments: a stepped-up game with multiple pairing (ambitious but very possible) and some kind of action that comes with the romantic suspense label, all wrapped up in half the size of a book. ‘Lethal Game’ is by and large a quick, enjoyable read, although its brevity does mean there’s a bit more of telling instead of showing, with personal histories that are glossed over and instant quick connections that bear repetitive—and somewhat cheesy—phrases such as “she was it for him”, “claiming her as his”. It doesn’t quite live up to more exciting last few books, but it’s nonetheless a good roundup of everyone’s HEA.

It’s a shame that this is really the last of the series—I think Reus could have easily continued this indefinitely.


Dangerous Protector by Katie Reus

Dangerous Protector by Katie ReusDangerous Protector by Katie Reus
Series: Red Stone Security #14
Published by LLC on July 12th 2016
Pages: 250
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She thought she was finally safe…
After two years of running Tegan O’Kelly could finally stop when the deadly gangster after her died. Eight months ago she put down roots in sunny Miami. For the first time in years she has friends, a job she likes and she can think about the future, not just surviving to the next day. When her car is bombed in broad daylight, she decides to stand her ground instead of running from her faceless enemy.

But a deadly enemy has her in his crosshairs…

Single father Aaron Fitzpatrick knew Tegan was trouble from the moment he laid eyes on her. Sexy trouble wrapped up in a petite, dynamite package he fantasizes about kissing far too often. So far he’s been able to keep his distance, but when he witnesses her car explode—with her close by—something protective erupts inside him. After his wife left him and their son five years ago, he’s stayed away from relationships and women, but he can’t keep his distance from Tegan. It’s clear she’s in danger and the more he learns about her, the more he knows he has to stand beside her and fight the danger hunting her.

Short and fast, ‘Dangerous Protector’ sucks you back into the world of Red Security quickly as Katie Reus wastes no time and no punches with Teagan O’Kelly and Aaron Fitzpatrick, setting up their acquaintance, history and relationship with a few well-written paragraphs straight in opening chapters. Throw in some danger and the hesitant man suddenly serves into action to protect the woman he’s had his eye on for months.

Most of the Red Stone Security series deals with an uncomplicated conflict – with suspense and danger thrown in – and how a pairing is birthed as a result of it. This is no different, which makes every book a standalone, even if I can’t quite recall what happened in the previous books and that isn’t a bad thing since it doesn’t depend on an ongoing plotline at all. There are some parts of the story which fell too easily into the Alpha (and grumpy) hero and the damsel in distress stereotypes (complete with weeping and clinging) but I found myself comfortable enough to ignore those clichés as the story steamrolled its way to a steamy end.


Love Thy Enemy by Katie Reus

Love Thy Enemy by Katie ReusLove Thy Enemy by Katie Reus
Series: Red Stone Security #13
Published by LLC on June 1st 2016
Pages: 300
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She refuses to trust him.
Red Stone Security employee Dominique Castle knows all too well that there are people in this world she just can't trust. After losing both her parents, Dominique keeps her distance from anyone tied to her past—especially the man she's hated for years. And Viktor Ivanov isn't going to change her mind about who he really is—no matter how determined the infuriatingly sexy Russian is.
He's determined to win her over.
She may hate him and not trust him, but Viktor is determined to crack through Dominique's icy exterior one way or another—even if it means taking the game into his own hands. With a past like Viktor's, he's made more than a few enemies along the way—enemies who'll stop at nothing to take him down. When Viktor realizes Dominique's life is in danger because of him, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her—whether she likes it or not. Now it's up to Dominique to trust the one man who's linked to the agony of her past. Can she find a way to love the enemy she always loathed?
Length: 55,000 words

Two Russians, two sassy women and a whole lot of shady business in between, with a little cheese and smut thrown in.

It’s a winning combination strangely, put together in a self-contained, compact romantic suspense type of story I crave from time to time, which Katie Reus can and does provide. The male protagonists walk in the shades of grey – there’re hints of previous illegal activities – unlike the ‘Boy Scouts’ at Red Stone Security, made the book more alluringly forbidden somehow. Even as similar as Viktor and Abram are as brothers and somewhat alike even in their speech and mannerisms, I found myself liking both Dominique and Lucy who aren’t pushovers themselves.

I’m simply compelled to write something about this series now because it seems Reus has taken a step up in her game. The sheer boldness of handling two developing love stories (and both enemies to lovers – employee/friends to lovers tropes) amidst the pounding suspense floored me, perhaps all the more so because Reus pulls if off well enough that I didn’t feel as though I’d been short-changed or wanting more by the end of the novella.


Under His Protection by Katie Reus

Under His Protection by Katie ReusUnder His Protection by Katie Reus
Series: Red Stone Security #9
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on September 1st 2014
Pages: 175
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Julieta’s stalker doesn’t play by the rules...

Lingerie shop owner Julieta Mederos has worked hard to get her business off the ground. Now she’s looking forward to some quality time with her friends and her big, boisterous family. But explicit texts from random phone numbers and vandalism at her shop makes it clear someone dangerous has fixated on her. Without any solid leads, the police can’t help her and she’s forced to turn to the last man she wants to depend on.

…but neither does Ivan.

Former Army Ranger and newest Red Stone Security employee Ivan Mitchell has gotten used to being alone in the world. He never even thinks about it anymore—until he meets sexy, independent Julieta. She’s everything he could ever want…but she seems determined to keep him at arm’s length. Until now. Maybe the cops can’t do anything to protect her, but he can. When things escalate faster than even he expected, he finds himself pulling out his most extreme combat skills to protect her. He’ll do what it takes to save her life—and prove to her she belongs in his.

Throw in:
A. A cookie-cutter, muscled hero (choose between tall, dark, sinfully handsome and tall, blond and otherworldly sexy) with some cave-mannish, possessive and protective behaviour, typically ex-military and a steadfast believer in casual relationships until he meets the heroine.

B. A beautiful but feisty and brave heroine (more variations of hair colour, skin tone, ethnicity, height and eye colour available from the dropdown menu in an appearance generated program) who finds herself in trouble. Typically not one for casual screw-arounds, and has been without smexy times for a while.

C. Overwhelming sexual tension and quick hook-ups and almost insta-love.

D. A baddie who gets caught fairly easily, despite the obstacles he throws in the way of the H/hr.

Et voilà…

A Red-stone security novella is born. A short, entertaining read as always by Katie Reus, perfect for a lazy day.