Series: Grave

Grave Attraction by Lori Sjoberg

Grave Attraction by Lori SjobergGrave Attraction by Lori Sjoberg
Series: Grave, #4
Published by Lyrical Press on January 5th 2016
Pages: 320
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He’s a reaper who works by the book. But a sexy shifter will have him changing the course of fate just to be with her—if a killer doesn’t get to her first...
After four years as a reaper, helping souls cross into the afterlife is a job Adam Javorski has finally gotten used to. But when he arrives at the site of a serial killer’s latest victim, finding a living—not to mention gorgeous—hostage is the last thing he expects. The young woman captivates him in a way no one ever has—so much so, he breaks rule number one by helping her escape…
Marlena Walther doesn’t remember the man who rescued her. But when she sees Adam again, she recognizes him instantly as her soul mate. While the two work together to track down a killer determined to finish what he started, their undeniable attraction draws them even closer. Now Adam is the only one who can protect Marlena from a vengeful murderer—if he’s willing to sacrifice everything for her.

The sudden expansion of the reaper universe to include demons, witches and other funny paranormal entities took me by surprise in this latest book by Lori Sjoberg, but it’s has kept the story arc interesting at least. Ms. Sjoberg deals with reincarnation here and I was intrigued to learn about Adam’s so-called past, even if the mechanics of the actual (re)birth aren’t exactly made that clear. I actually found Marlena a more interesting character to read about than Adam who simply seems to be the paranormal version of a typical male lead who sleeps around and gives it all up when he finds a ‘connection’ with the special one. As a pair, they’re passably interesting, but not as explosive and edgy as Dmitri and Gwen had been in the last book.