Series: Brothers in Arms

SEAL Defender by Leslie North

SEAL Defender by Leslie NorthSEAL Defender by Leslie North
Series: Brothers in Arms #1
Published by Relay Publishing on March 23rd 2017
Pages: 154
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Mark Aleki Rogers left the Navy SEALs behind, but he found another use for his special skills. He and his fellow “Brothers-in-Arms” now run an intense boot camp that trains civilians to survive extreme situations. Mark’s size is intimidating, but the half-Samoan surfer is an eternal optimist. A suspicious string of suicides among SEALs, however, has Mark convinced it’s murder. He’s determined to get to the bottom of it…quietly. If he doesn’t, a murderer may go free.
Reporter Geneva Rios has come to the California coast looking for a story. The recent SEAL suicides are connected to the Brothers-in-Arms, and Geneva wants to know more. The interview she’s hoping for, though, comes at a price. The smoking-hot SEAL won’t talk unless she completes his training course. If she can survive Mark’s audition, she’ll have the angle she needs. Spending more time with Mark has its own perks, but for the exotic brunette, exposing the Navy SEALs is more than just a story…it’s personal.
As the heat between them reaches its boiling point, the pair puts more than their heads together. But with their own lives in danger, can they catch a killer before it’s too late

I went into SEAL Defender not really knowing what to expect, but that an investigation into some soldiers’ apparent suicides and a personal tragedy would dovetail.

Not quite.

The story took a turn I wasn’t entirely too sure I could get into, and maybe because it’s a quick, fast-faced read, if not unbelievable for the skin-deep connection that both characters seem to try to make more of but fail. I didn’t feel any emotional ties between Mark and Geneva and the way the latter harped on her work and her constant dedication to being a good reporter who hunted all angles irked me. As it was difficult to root for them as a couple, I thought the story lost its grasp on the romance when it seemed to force characters who have nothing but physical attraction to each other together. But if the suspense bit is what you’re chomping after, then this read would probably fit rather well.