Publisher: Temple Publishing

Lord of the Jungle by Sheri Fredricks

Lord of the Jungle by Sheri FredricksLord of the Jungle by Sheri Fredricks
Series: Jungle Island #1
Published by Temple Publishing on June 24th 2016
Pages: 56
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Jane Porter craves a thrill but when marauders scuttle her ship and she washes ashore onto an island inhabited by animals and one sexy wildman, that’s when the real adventure begins.

Dependent upon her vine-swinging rescuer who acts more ape than musclebound man, she places her survival in his rugged hands and relinquishes her desire to his raw sensuality.

For more seasons than he can remember, Tarzan has lived among the tiny island’s gorilla band. Instinct propels him to save the female he finds half-dead in the surf, but gazing into her eyes, his mating tool dances an ancient tribal beat.

While the pirates search for their bounty, Tarzan and Jane are in danger. To survive, they’ll have to hang onto each other as they swing for dear life. Their adrenaline-rush of passion among the canopy of the jungle threatens not only a dizzying fall from a great height, but also into love.

‘Lord of the Jungle’ stretches my ability to suspend disbelief with a modern-day take on Jane and Tarzan, but fresh and dazed from a viewing of the movie itself, I’m still inclined to believe everything is possible when the characters are still three-dimensional in my head.

The storytelling is simple: a shipwreck, a rescue and a new life in the jungle with a man who hasn’t been civilised in anyway. The contemporary interpretation of Jane and Tarzan intrigued me from the start but if I liked Fredricks’s interpretation of Jane Porter – strong, capable and confident -, I was less sure (make that horrified) about her ability to have a quick hookup with a stranger who didn’t even quite have the capability for language yet.

What the book sadly lacks is context and a more solid backstory that would have made it one that I couldn’t let go of. Its brevity and an incomplete ending with a sequel nowhere in sight left me hanging in frustration – pun fully intended – because there was so much of Tarzan and Jane that could have been explored but wasn’t.