Burning with Desire by Patricia W. Fischer

Burning with Desire by Patricia W. FischerBurning with Desire by Patricia W. Fischer
Series: Men of Marietta, #5
Published by Tule Publishing on April 18th 2017
Pages: 188
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As the new owner of the Main Street Diner, chef Gabriella Marcos has taken a huge risk. After being duped by her fiancé and her boss, she invested her entire savings into a place she’s never seen, in a town called Marietta she’s never been to and brought her reluctant teenage daughter along for the adventure. Gabriella is also determined to prove to her overprotective family that she doesn’t need a man to make her life complete. Too bad her sexy new neighbor is impossible to ignore.
Since arriving in Marietta last summer, fireman Kyle Cavasos has enjoyed the anonymity that small town life provides. It’s a far cry from the opulence of Bel Air where he grew up. Here, he can be a Navy vet and a first responder, not the love child who caused a flurry of gossip and tabloid headlines decades ago. Kyle has no intention of getting involved with anyone in Marietta until Gabriella moves in and life gets interesting. Fast.
Despite agreeing to pose for the Marietta Men For All Seasons calendar in order to raise money for Harry's House, Kyle hopes to stay out of the social media chaos, while he gets to know the new girl in town better. But when the calendar goes viral, will it all come crashing down for the both of them?

‘Burning with Desire’ closes the Men of Marietta series not quite with a bang, but certainly not with a whimper. Kyle/Gabrielle was a pairing that I’d been waiting for and it didn’t – by and large – disappoint, though I think I’d expected something a little more exciting and poignant.

Kyle/Gabriella have an attraction to each other almost immediately and they’ve both settled in Marietta for different reasons, yet the things that they’ve left behind turn out to be the very connection that links them together, somewhat coincidentally. I did like Kyle’s backstory though and how he’d made sure that he wasn’t the man his biological father was, which, translated, meant that he was careful with the women he dated. I also liked that he was stubborn enough to make his own honest living as a first responder in a place where fame can’t catch up with him. It was also easy to identify with Gabriella’s gumption and determination to make her new life work for her and her adopted daughter.

It’s only Kyle’s not too little secret that might threaten their newfound relationship, which I didn’t think was that big a deal, as his reasons did seem justified. But as much as I thought it was going to be a huge conflict-climax, I’m sort of glad that Patricia W. Fischer resolved it quite quickly, focusing instead on maintaining equilibrium with just a dialogue that promised more open lines of communication.

I’m a little stuck between 3- and 4-stars for this review, but that’s because I’d hoped for something more, though what ‘more’ really constitutes isn’t something I can exactly articulate. Yet it’s definitely an improvement over the past few books in this series. That it’s quite well-written is a bonus.