Styled by Piper Lawson

Styled by Piper LawsonStyled by Piper Lawson
Series: Travesty #3
Published by Amazon Digital Services, Amazon Publishing on March 26th 2017
Pages: 275
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I have a type. Tall. Blond. Sarcastic. Awkward as hell.

That’s right, my type is me. Because I’m better off spending my time alone than with a guy.

Which doesn't matter since this month, I’m on an open-ended ticket to LA to find a new boutique for TRAVESTY. Not to find a rebound for the breakup that blew my mind. I’m ready to forget all about dicks.

Too bad Ethan Cameron sinks that dream before I get on the plane.

The SoCal realtor might be my business partner's older brother, but he's the wrong guy to help us out. Ethan's arrogant and self-centred, with a dentist’s wet dream smile and pecs that might have their own hashtag. More girls pass through the backseat of his car than through the doors of our SoHo boutique.

He's also wrong for me. And the more he thinks he knows me, the more I need to prove he doesn't.

But I can’t ignore the fact that I need Ethan's help finding a boutique to put TRAVESTY on the map. And no one knows LA style like Ethan.

I survived private school. Growing up with one parent. Dating a gay guy. I can survive one month with Ethan Cameron.


I tried to like this. I really did. Travesty’s a new but established brand, the HEAs for the first 2 couples are going swimmingly and Jordan’s turn in ‘Styled’ is inevitable but welcome. It’s quite smartly written, filled with instances of humour but long dialogues about corporate and real estate business as Jordan and Ethan ham it up. I’d say immediately though, that I’m only lukewarm for the story because I’ve found myself in a classic case of liking a main character way more than the other—which makes this review beyond difficult to tackle.

Sex between Ethan and Jordan, clearly isn’t the issue, even if I cringed because this is essentially a manwhore-with-the-virgin trope. But funny and witty as their banter can be, it was hard to like Ethan though. I found him smarmy, coarse and too self-absorbed about his ability to snag ‘conquests’ and brag about them because they didn’t matter. Or perhaps I’m essentially tired of meeting characters who’ve had their hearts broken and think that it gives them the permission to behave like peacock-strutting arses to women and everyone else after they get the idea that their dicks lead the way. Then deciding to cut back on hookups because it was not only career-impeding but he found the girls too clingy thereafter?

I loved how Jordan called him out on his superficiality and the shallowness of his lifestyle, but I took an even longer time to even warm up to the idea of him than she did. The problem is, I couldn’t see past Ethan being a flake even as I cheered Jordan’s matter-of-fact, practical approach to things despite her privileged background. That he was smugly possessive when he ‘had’ the virgin (and got irritated with her boyfriends because they’d fooled around) seemed like an unacceptable standard to swallow.

This was almost a relief when it was over. Again, I wished I liked this better, but it’s getting harder to bat my eyelashes at this trope and endorse it simply because it gets a reformed manwhore to his knees. That the rake is finally moved to being a one-man-woman because of the virgin’s virtues? That simply isn’t enough for me anymore.