Always You by C.M. Steele

Always You by C.M. SteeleAlways You by C.M. Steele
Series: Best Friend #1
Published by Amazon Digital Services on April 24th 2016
Pages: 118
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Alexander Richmond didn't expect to spend spring break with the most beautiful female he'd ever seen when he planned to visit his buddy. She was more temptation than a week of bikini clad women on South Padre Island. There was just one major hiccup. She was only sixteen. By the end of the week, he made the decision to wait for her to grow up. Two very long years.

Calista (Cali) Delaney was shocked at her immediate reaction she had to her brother's best friend. The tall handsome Alex was too perfect. After the first week together, she fantasized what a life with him could be like.

In two years many things could happen and did, but will it stop Alex and Cali from being together?

Of course not, but follow their love story through pain and tragedy and a whole lot of loving.

To be honest, I thought that all that this book had going for it – apart from a plot that showed potential – was really the sex scenes. As much as it pains me to say this, I thought the storytelling was sloppy and the characterisation juvenile, with emotions pinging from wall to wall and more worthy of teenagers entering the early stage of puberty than adults or young adults (especially Alex who has a penchant for roaring and behaving like an arse). Great that it wasn’t quite instant love; fantastic if it’s love at first sight; good for both characters that they’d two years apart but if there were no declarations of love or promises or contact at all between them during that time, how the hell then did they move from hostile but mutually-attracted parties to an engagement?

I simply could not get my head around how I could in any way accept Alex’s brazen and beyond-Neanderthal behaviour of barging into his friend’s house and announcing her engagement to him with the added drama of announcing her family’s sudden death at the same time. That Cali accepted his sudden ‘claiming’ was equally mind-boggling.

I did think though, that there were so many more nuances to explore between Cali and Alex that the accident simply felt like unnecessary and unrealistic filler, a way of cramming drama and suspense into a story that’s already short of depth. As a result, the innumerable clichés that came out of the rushed writing flattened what could have been a poignant and steamy story that charted two characters’ growth (and growing up), their years of waiting for each other, the progress of a crush to something deeper, the build of UST…I could go on and on with this.

That everything’s summed up in a mere 83 pages not only left my jaw hanging with disbelief but also rueing that the story just didn’t feel too meaningful at all.