Wanted by Kaylea Cross

Wanted by Kaylea CrossWanted by Kaylea Cross
Series: Hostage Rescue Team,
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on January 23rd 2016
Pages: 214
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She thought her past was behind her.
After nearly dying at the hands of a madman in New Orleans a year ago, Zoe Renard has worked hard to put that trauma behind her and move on. With her man at her side she’s focused on her writing career and building a future together. Things are almost perfect between them, until a series of shocking events turns her world upside down again. An unforeseen threat is looming, and it’s more lethal than anyone realizes. Only this time, hers isn’t the only life at stake.
But the nightmare isn’t over yet.
HRT member Clay Bauer never expected to fall in love again, but what he has with Zoe is better than anything he ever could have imagined. After what happened to her in New Orleans he’s ever vigilant about her safety, so when a new threat emerges he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe. But even a former SEAL can’t protect her from an enemy he can’t see coming. And by the time he realizes the true extent of the danger, it may be too late for them all.

Clay Bauer and Zoe Renard return in this short novella, where a new challenge threatens their happy, stable life in coupledom. Not my favourite pairing, but it was good to see the involvement of Tuck and Celida (whom I liked a lot more) as well as the potential outline of a loose thread – the introduction of the Valkyries – that wasn’t tied up in one of the later HRT books. It’s all’s well that ends well (and perhaps too neatly, happily and unrealistically wrapped up) but hardcore fans of HRT and Kaylea Cross would enjoy this nonetheless.