Legacy Of Hunters Ridge by Sarah Barrie

Legacy Of Hunters Ridge by Sarah BarrieLegacy Of Hunters Ridge by Sarah Barrie
Published by Harlequin MIRA on January 1st 2016
Pages: 400
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Successful horse trainer Alissa Morgan-Jones has the world at her feet, until a tragic fire destroys everything. Widowed, in debt and under suspicion for arson, Alissa’s life is in tatters. Her mother-in-law’s isolated farm gives her the opportunity to pull her life back together and get herself back on her feet.
Four years after fleeing the city and the scandal that ruined his career, disgraced lawyer Cameron Blakely has a successful new business and a new life. When his neighbour, Mavis Littleton is diagnosed with a terminal illness he volunteers to handle her affairs – and her farm until her daughter-in-law arrives to take over. When Alissa finally shows up, he’s drawn to her immediately. But there’s more to his new neighbour than her big blue eyes and lost expression. If only she’ll open up and let him in.
But there are secrets in both Alissa’s past and Hunters Ridge – secrets that jeopardise far more than Cameron’s fledgling feelings. Lurking in the isolated wilderness is a danger that neither anticipates – but one that threatens everything: the town, their love, and their lives.

Widowed, broke and barely functioning, Ally Morgan is dealing with her PTSD as much as she can, with the help of her sister. But she isn’t free of consequences of the fire that had destroyed her life all those months ago and a pesky phone call from an ex-lawyer brings her out into the country and straight back into her nightmares. Dragged into affairs that aren’t quite her own, it’s there that Ally finds things that do go bump in the night. Tired of simply attributing the strange happenings to her hallucinatory state, she realises that the answers might just be found in the twisted truth that comes out as religious nonsense from her ailing her mother-in-law. From there it’s all up to Cam and Ally – and their unfailingly loyal group of friends – to untangle this mystery before that sinister presence comes for her too.

There is so much to like about this book: the creepy suspense that almost verges on the paranormal thanks to the wonderfully descriptive writing, the tight camaraderie and the unexpected, sparkling humour and above all, the breathless action and the well-crafted characters that walked into the story and cemented their places in it. I turned the last page feeling overwhelmed – and it’s seldom that I need the rest of the trilogy (right now!) to see this brilliantly written story-arc through.