Into the Fury by Kat Martin

Into the Fury by Kat MartinInto the Fury (BOSS, Inc., #1) by Kat Martin
Series: BOSS Inc. #1
Published by Zebra on January 26th 2016
Pages: 354
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A bodyguard, a bounty hunter, a P.I.—the men of Brodie Operations Security Service, Inc. are down for the job…
Sinners, whores, and sluts beware—your time is at hand: a faceless menace is threatening lingerie models on a cross country tour, and Ethan Brodie is there to defend and protect.
Ethan’s learned the hard way that beauty is no substitute for character. So even though Valentine Hart is one of the most breathtaking women he’s ever seen, he’s keeping his hands off and his eyes open. Or that’s what he tells himself.
Then one of the models is murdered, and the closer Ethan gets to the answers, the closer he finds himself to Valentine—and the hotter the pressure feels. There’s more to Val—more to the other girls—than he could have guessed. But one is keeping a secret that could kill them all.

Murder, models and mayhem abound in this book, when Ethan Brodie is tasked to provide security for a modelling gig that’s abruptly cut short because of a mysterious stalker and a pile of bodies turning up that may or may not be part of this bizarre crime scene. Valentine Hart – a vet student in training and part-time model – is part of his entourage that Ethan is assigned to and becomes his (very intimate) charge when it becomes clear that she isn’t free from the danger that stalks all of them.

I thought the action scenes and the criminal element saved this book from becoming a compendium of clichés – a pairing of hot ex-cop who considers women conquests with an equally hot supermodel who seems to have everything given to her – and stereotypes of ‘perfection’ in the romantic suspense genre. But Kat Martin at least imbues both Ethan and Val a few more shades of character traits that renders them more human and relatable. It isn’t badly written of course, but I felt the book seemed unnecessarily drawn out than usual, resulting in the final few action scenes reading more like a paramilitary op in disjointed contrast to the slow beginnings of the story. I neither liked nor disliked this pairing to be honest, and the H/hr simply didn’t appeal to me at all even after the mutual attraction went past the strong physical attraction.

It feels unkind to classify this as a mediocre book when my personal tastes clearly run different from what Kat Martin has rolled out for us in this new series, but ‘Into the Fury’ isn’t that much of a standout enough to be memorable for me. Yet…I’m strangely curious to see what else is in store