Darkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks

Darkest Before Dawn by Maya BanksDarkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks
Series: KGI #10
Published by Penguin Publishing Group on October 27th 2015
Pages: 384
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The enigmatic Hancock has been both opponent and ally to the KGI teams for as long as they've known him. Always working a deep game, Hancock's true allegiance has never been apparent, but one thing is for certain—he never lets anything get in the way of duty.
But now, his absolute belief in the primacy of his ultimate goal is challenged by a captive he's been ordered to guard, no matter how much she suffers in her prison. She's the only woman who's ever managed to penetrate the rigid walls surrounding his icy heart, but will he allow his perplexing feelings for the beautiful victim to destroy a mission he's spent years working to complete or will he be forced to sacrifice her for “the greater good.”

The mixed reviews of this book made me wary of even beginning what looked to be a long and daunting story and unfortunately, those which were negative resonated more with me than the positive ones. I found the book unnecessarily bloated, overly introspective, filled with self-righteous justification and characters so unbelievably clichéd that they could well be the unfeeling devil and the virtuous virgin mary in disguise. My incredulity lasted pretty much the whole time and eventually, I started skimming through the pages, impatient to get past the droning of Honor’s and/or Hancock’s internal (but repetitive) mental processes.

Yet another disappointment from Maya Banks – as her latest KGI books have been – and I’m almost inclined to think that this series actually reached its peak around book 4 and never quite scaled those heights again.