I’ll Never Let You Go by Mary Burton

I’ll Never Let You Go by Mary BurtonI'll Never Let You Go by Mary Burton
Series: Morgans of Nashville #3
Published by Zebra on October 27th 2015
Pages: 416
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He promised to kill her. One night four years ago, Leah Carson’s husband almost succeeded. Philip stabbed her twenty-three times before fleeing. The police are sure he’s dead. But fear won’t let Leah believe it.  AND SOMETIMES
It starts with little things. Missing keys. A flat tire. Mysterious flowers. All easily explained away if the pattern wasn’t so terrifyingly familiar. Leah has a new veterinary practice and a new life with no ties to her nightmare. But Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent Alex Morgan suspects something. And when another woman’s body is found, stabbed twenty-three times, Leah knows her past has found her.  IT KILLS
As Leah and Alex untangle the horrifying truth, he watches her, ready for the perfect moment. Until death—that was the vow they made. And a killer always keeps his word…

Leah Carson still runs, figuratively and physically from the scars that her husband has violently given her four years ago. But when she’d thought him dead, a similar stabbing that has happened to a good friend makes her rethink the stability of her new life she’s managed to dredge up after that dark period. Involved in this case is TBI agent Alex Morgan, whose blunt honesty and icy demeanour somehow cracks the protective walls that she has formed but together, they need to find the connection between the crime committed against her and the recent stabbing…before the killer returns for her.

I thought the story unnecessarily repetitive and inflated, the build-up slow and without much chemistry at all…at least not enough for this to be called romantic suspense, but rather a crime thriller with some romantic elements, if all that it takes to make the romantic suspense category is a sex scene and very little else in between. All I’ve learnt about Alex Morgan is his emotionless efficiency and about Leah’s defensiveness, but together, I never felt that they’d grown as a couple due to the glaring lack of interaction they have in the story. In all, ‘I’ll never let you go’ functions better as a true crime story without the romantic entanglements that seem to hinder rather than help the plot.