Facing Evil by Kylie Brant

Facing Evil by Kylie BrantFacing Evil by Kylie Brant
Series: Circle of Evil #3
Published by Thomas & Mercer on October 20th 2015
Pages: 302
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A serial attacker is locked up, and his murderous accomplice has been gunned down. But the true mastermind behind their lethal reign of terror still hasn’t been taken in or taken down, so the harrowing case of the Cornbelt Killers isn’t closed—and one murderous woman is determined to keep it that way. The only thing more important to her than evading capture is hunting down her hit list of enemies, topped by Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation agent Cam Prescott and forensic psychologist Sophia Channing.
Faced with an opponent both quick-witted and cold-blooded, Cam and Sophia must scramble to keep up with this horrifying new threat. Little do they realize that in this game of cat and mouse, they’re lambs being led to the slaughter.

Shocking, dramatic end to the series, even if it read a little like Jaws: The Revenge at some parts. Kylie Brant makes a convincing case of the mother as mastermind and serial killer, and once more, draws Cam and Sophia deep into her web of intrigue, lies and death. There’s no point in which a plot twist didn’t surprise me and I was always kept a step behind in the cat-and-mouse game Vickie Baxter played with the cops, which made for a very entertaining, stomach-dropping read. The secondary characters were as always interesting too and I only wished Ms. Brant had spent more time developing those loose threads.