Covert Evidence by Rachel Grant

Covert Evidence by Rachel GrantCovert Evidence by Rachel Grant
Series: Evidence, #5
Published by Janus Publishing on May 26th 2015
Pages: 302
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“With a believable plot, an exotic setting, a smart heroine and a sexy hero – Rachel Grant’s Covert Evidence is the definition of fabulous Romantic Suspense.” – New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Toni Anderson
Falling in love was never part of his mission…
With visions of professional glory, underwater archaeologist Cressida Porter embarks on a research trip deep into the heart of Eastern Turkey. Her dreams turn into nightmares when she becomes the unwitting courier for a terrorist network. Stranded and unable to speak the language, she turns to a handsome and enigmatic security specialist for help, even while fearing he may be behind a violent assault that leaves her vulnerable.
CIA Case Officer Ian Boyd’s mission is clear: follow the courier, identify the terrorist leader, and intercept the microchip before it falls into enemy hands. For Ian, cozying up to the alluring archaeologist to find out where her loyalties lie isn’t exactly hardship duty. But spending time with her proves dangerous when she awakens a longing for a life he can never have.
Attraction wars with distrust as Cressida and Ian are forced on the run. When violence erupts in the already unstable region, Cressida discovers everything she knows about Ian is false. With all secrets revealed, Cressida must decide if she can trust the spy with her life, while Ian faces his own impossible choice: Cressida or his mission.

Cressida Porter is desperate for validation, both personally and professionally, and it’s her glaring insecurities that has put her in a perfect position to be used as an unwitting courier in a much larger terrorist plot and in the crosshairs of Ian Boyd, a CIA case officer whose job is to intercept the microchip that Cress is carrying. There’s distrust all around and the lies they’ve told each other start Ian and Cress on the wrong foot for quite a while.

The mystery here is a twisty, winding road of political intrigue and archaeology in the volatile middle-east and while it does become a little bogged down at times, I certainly appreciate Rachel Grant’s effort in bringing the larger context of the current conflict into the book even as Ian’s and Cress’s story play out in the foreground.

There’s a hint of character growth, especially on Cress’s part which I can appreciate even more – I found her distasteful at first – but her own admission of her myopic views of selfish academic glory showed at least, some measure of self-awareness and self-worth. The same goes for Ian really, who has to learn about operating in a non-solitary way for the first time ever. Even if I don’t take to them as much as I did with Alec and Isabel, Covert Evidence is a solid read just for the subject matter and the unrelenting action.