The Hookup Hoax by Heather Thurmeier

The Hookup Hoax by Heather ThurmeierThe Hookup Hoax by Heather Thurmeier
Series: The Hoax series #2
on May 26th 2015
Pages: 256
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Sawyer Sterling needs a girlfriend. With the family cabin up for grabs, he's desperate to prove that he could be the guy to “pass it on.” Of course, Sawyer also has a tendency to treat relationships like a contagious stomach flu that should be avoided at all costs. Now he needs a girlfriend-for-hire. Someone he can trust. Someone he could never, ever fall for...
Someone like his best friend's sister.
Sawyer's offer is exactly what Olivia Morgan needs. After traveling around the world for the last five years, the promise of a job and free accommodations is heaven. And sure, maybe Sawyer's a super-hot, charming guy with dimples made for kissing, but he’s not willing to be the guy—or relationship—she needs.
All it takes is one hot hook-up before this little hoax gets blown all to hell...

‘The Hookup Hoax’ is another incarnation of a typical rom-com plot: a bargain becoming complicated when the stakes involve a cabin title deed and a best friend’s younger sister who has grown up. Sawyer Sterling – like many others who have come and gone before him – is a workaholic who lives for his company and his hook-ups but when his grandparents’ cabin comes up as a possible inheritance, he realises he would do anything to save this childhood home. The only convenient fake girlfriend who would help accomplish this coup is his best friend’s sister Olivia whom he hasn’t seen in many years, but has grown up in the intervening years into someone he actually wants.

Things go sideways, as always, and in a way that I knew it would go from the beginning, especially when feelings and a case of sexual need come into question. And that’s really about it as far as the action goes (both in the bedroom and outside) – we’re given insight into Olivia’s drifting ways and Sawyer’s own (rather far-fetched) doubts about his mortality as we navigate through the supposedly turbulent waters of 2 people fighting their attraction to each other.

It takes a really standout book with a well-worn plot like this to make me remember it some time down the road…which ‘The Hookup Hoax’ really isn’t, to be brutally honest. But if this is really only meant to be an hour’s worth or two of distraction (isn’t it ironic how these books have the dubious honour of resembling the fleeting, casual nature of the very hook-ups they tend to depict?), then it’ll be the book of choice.