Dead No More by L.R. Nicolello

Dead No More by L.R. NicolelloDead No More by L.R. Nicolello
Published by Harlequin on January 1st 1970
Pages: 394
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Lily Andrews was once the most sought-after undercover operative at Unit 67, a black ops agency buried deep within the US Intelligence community. But then her partner—and fiancé—turned rogue, leaving her for dead after a mission gone horribly wrong. Disgusted with 67's attempt to cover up Jackson's traitorous actions, Lily walked away from everything she knew and loved…and swore she'd hunt her ex down on her own and bring him to justice.
When the handsome, undeniably alpha Derek Moretti needs her help to pursue a ruthless sociopath who is putting advanced weaponry into the hands of terrorists, Lily sees her chance to return to 67 with her pride intact. She didn't realize how much she'd missed the adrenaline rush of being undercover—or maybe that's the heat that races through her whenever Derek is near. But soon Lily will have to choose between the vengeance she craves and the country she's sworn to protect. And with the clock ticking down on a nuclear catastrophe, she knows that this time, if she's trusted the wrong man, she won't live to regret it…

Derek Moretti meets his match in this story, where his smooth insertion into a messy government conspiracy-type plot isn’t what he’s expecting. Enter Lily Andrews, the jaded top agent of Unit 67 who’s flailing in the wind after a devastating betrayal nearly a year ago by her ex-fiancé, who he’s supposed to work with. But from the get go, nothing is as it seems and their attraction to each other only complicates matters.

I found this book more disappointing than the first, in spite of the positive reviews it has garnered. L.R. Nicolello’s writing is distinctive and smooth without the extraneous glitter that can typically be found in many authors’ attempts at waxing lyrical. It’s also complicated (and interesting) enough, plot-wise to keep a reader’s interest for a whole 300 pages.

My only issue’s with the characters, especially Lily Andrews who is almost too perfect and sculpted like a Mary Sue – and consequently, not that likeable or relatable. I also found too little differentiation between Derek and Marcus, the former of whom appeared in ‘Dead don’t lie’ and I struggled to tell them apart at times if not for their names. Yes, they’re kind, compassionate, with a very alpha, yet grounding presence and I love them for that – yet they could be twins for all I know.