Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

Liberating Lacey by Anne CalhounLiberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun
Published by Ellora's Cave on January 22nd 2010
Pages: 272
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Newly divorced Lacey Meyers wasted too many years yawning through sex in the missionary position. Now she’s looking for a hookup with a man who can make her shatter. What she gets is a hot younger cop with handcuffs… and he’s not afraid to use them.
Hunter Anderson knows the score—though classy, successful women like Lacey might play with guys like him, at the end of the evening, they walk. But when one night leads to another and then another, he finds himself getting too attached to a woman he can’t have.
Lacey knows Hunter—gorgeous, hard-edged and eight years younger—won’t want anything permanent. No matter how hot and daring he makes her first public sex, quickie, backseat encounter and secret fantasy role-play, she can’t mistake adventurous sex for emotional involvement.
They both know it’s got to end, and soon, or someone’s going to get hurt. But can either of them go back to life without the other?

I dove into this book with absolutely no expectations at all, except for the sleazy smut that awaited me and was immensely happy to see how wrong I was.

Liberating Lacey is pretty much as story of an older woman and a younger man; more specifically, a rich sophisticate and a blue-collar cop whose chemistry together is unexpectedly off the charts, pushed up the scale by Anne Calhoun’s classy writing and very mature introspection of both characters. I found myself championing Lacey immediately and the circumstances she found herself in in particular, loving the dignified way she conducted herself, lacking the histrionics and immaturity that do plague heroines from time to time.

The only issue that prevented me from giving this a wholehearted 5-starred review is the abrupt end which only hinted at their HEA and the lack of an epilogue that could have given Lacey’s and Hunter’s story absolute closure.