Broken Honor by Tonya Burrows

Broken Honor by Tonya BurrowsBroken Honor by Tonya Burrows
Series: HORNET  #3
Published by Entangled: Select on February 24th 2015
Pages: 350
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Ice-cold and unbreakable, Travis Quinn is the HORNET team's hard-ass. No weaknesses. Except, of course, for the accident that not only destroyed his career as a Navy SEAL, but left terrifying blanks in his memory. But Travis remembers everything about Mara Escareno--the curve of her lips, the feel of her body...and how he walked out on her suddenly six weeks ago.
Mara could never resist the dangerously sexy Travis, which is probably how she ended up pregnant and disowned by her family. But before Travis can fully process the news, Mara is kidnapped by his enemies and plunged into the violent, merciless world of human trafficking. They want Travis--and the information locked within his damaged memory--no matter the cost. And now Travis's enemies have discovered his only weakness...Mara.

Mara Escareno was a one-night stand that became more…and more, up until the point where it all goes to hell in a basket when Mara is kidnapped and forcibly brought to the breakaway, lawless country of Transnistria. With a pregnancy in question, Quinn and Mara have to evaluate what that fling really meant to them, if they manage to escape with their lives.

I’ve been itching for Quinn’s book ever since Gabe Bristow fell into the clutches of Audrey Van Amee and I’m still unsure what really to make of Broken Honor. Pregnancy and babies aren’t elements in the story which I like at all, but because I’ve always had a soft spot for the crazy Hornet men who are more likely to kill each other than the enemies, I pushed through the book.

The vacillating between wanting in or out and the constant apologising for said behaviour annoyed the hell out of me after the nth time it happened and while I understand the circumstances that led to Quinn behaving like a coward and Mara behaving like a hormone-fuelled pregnant cow at times, I wished both could have manned up and made a damn decision sooner…and when they did, the wholehearted way Quinn embraced impending fatherhood happened almost instantaneously that my mouth was left hanging open in disbelief.

I did however, appreciate the overarching plot of the corruption that Jasper Bristow was implicated in (big surprise) and the return of Raffi whom I absolutely love. I’m going to be quite sad that Quinn will probably no longer feature prominently in future stories having left the team but there’s also Lanie’s and Jesse’s tale that’s been set up quite nicely here, which is something I’ll look out for.