Hart Attack by Cristin Harber

Hart Attack by Cristin HarberHart Attack by Cristin Harber
Series: Titan, #5
Published by Mill Creek Press on November 18th 2014
Pages: 268
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Outside of Titan Group, there are few people that Roman Hart would die for. He’s a soldier, a protector, and he’s haunted that one of the people he should’ve been able to protect didn’t let him. That was years ago, and now a hardened heart and a cocky attitude are his impenetrable shields, until one woman—one challenge—drives him to distraction.
On the outside, Beth Tourne has it all. Luxury car, gorgeous condo, and a job partying with the rich and famous. It’s a plush CIA cover, but she wants more. Anything for an adrenaline rush that can override her guilty numbness and let her forget the tragedy she never saw coming.
Their scars make them perfect operatives. Their mirrored pasts give them deep, wounded reasons to stay alone. But the more they ignore the tension, the more vulnerable they become. Survival means trust. In one another, behind closed doors, and on the job. The only way they’re making it out alive is if they find peace while waging a war.

The Titan Boys typically occupy a space in my head that’s between the categories ‘crack’ and ‘Alpha male superstore’ and Cristin Harber writes in a way that painfully reminds you these men are solidly planted in fiction la-la land than in reality.

Still, they’re enjoyable as hell. I’ve always liked how Cristin Harber’s men never shy away or run from their developing feelings and we never quite see it more clearly here, in Hart Attack.

Roman Hart’s pain over losing his sister Nic isn’t easily brushed away as Cash Garrison’s acceptance and serves as a brutal reminder why he would never let anyone close again. Beth Tourne was a flighty party girl the last I remembered of her in Nicola’s book until we learn that she has been in deep cover for years – a cover that is the only thing that helps her go on day to day after her husband’s suicide. And the push-pull, innocent game that they have been playing goes to hell in a basket when an assignment asks way more of what Beth is willing to give. While I don’t claim to understand the shady dealings of the CIA and Nukes and Drugs (Ms Harber doesn’t really clarify the sequence of events or their details too clearly) in Hart Attack, what really comes through clearly is Beth’s and Roman’s dancing around each other until something gives, big time.

I did enjoy reading this, though the wacky dialogue (a custom-made Rocket Launcher called The Jared?!) stumped me from time to time and the epilogue was like Santa coming early with several storks as presents.