Extreme Measures by Elisabeth Naughton

Extreme Measures by Elisabeth NaughtonExtreme Measures (Aegis, #1) by Elisabeth Naughton
Series: Aegis #1
Published by Montlake Romance on July 8th 2014
Pages: 330
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Being prepared for any scenario is the trademark of any good CIA operative, and Eve Wolfe is one of the best. But when her latest mission literally explodes in her face, she wakes up labeled a traitor and—even more surprising—in the custody of elite Aegis Security operative and ex-lover Zane Archer. Although she still secretly has feelings for Zane, he’s now demanding the one thing that she can’t give him: the truth.
When he caught her breaking the rules years ago, Zane let Eve walk away without an explanation. Now someone has not only sabotaged Aegis but also turned an American city into a war zone, and all signs point to Eve. Zane needs answers that can come only from Eve’s still-tempting lips, and he finally has the elusive operative right where he wants her—at his mercy.

I was jittery with anticipation when I realised that Ms Naughton was finally releasing a full novel in the Aegis Security series. The suspense, the intricate plot, the breakneck pace and the fluency of her writing have always drawn me into her works and this one isn’t any different.

But the H/h disappointed me big time and that’s probably why I can’t be as effusive about this book as I thought I’d be. Eve and Zane do scorch the sheets very imaginatively (Naughton writes them hot!) but I was left with the feeling that sex’s pretty much the only tangible connection between them. Eve’s insistence on keeping secrets and running pretty much annoyed me by the time I was halfway through and Zane’s inability to see past the fly on his pants wasn’t very much better. The saving grace, strangely enough, was the minor ‘pairing’ of Miller and Olivia which instantly felt more real to me.

I also had difficulty in distinguishing and differentiating the male voices in Aegis. Thus far, Ryder, Archer and Miller are very similarly presented with no distinctive traits – as men who cuss loads, are gruff and are constantly irritated. Hopefully that’ll change as more books in this series get published.