Forever After by Leeanna Morgan

Forever After by Leeanna MorganForever After by Leeanna Morgan
Series: Montana Brides #3
Published by Rogan Press on 2014
Pages: 206
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She's on a mission. He's in control. For now.

Nicky Scotson is on a mission: to duck, dive and deploy every evasive maneuver she can manage to keep away from Sam Delaney, Chief Executive of her family's construction company. Falling in love with him two years earlier wasn't the smartest thing she'd ever done and she won't repeat the same mistake again.

Sam is unprepared for the havoc that's about to turn his carefully ordered life into a crazy ride of hormones and heartache. When Nicky comes back to Montana to find the person stealing thousands of dollars from her family's company, he knows he's in trouble. A white picket fence and two point five kids have never been part of his plan. He thinks nothing lasts forever...until Nicky shows him that forever is closer than he thinks.

The blurb showed great promise, until I found the actions of both characters questionable and inexcusable and the games that they played juvenile and more suited to teenage shenanigans than adults facing up to a painful past. I’d expected that the big revelation of a miscarriage would have been a turning point and that Sam would have had a lot to ask for forgiveness for (which he didn’t quite), but Nicky’s desperation for him made it all too easy…and cheapen the entire deal for me. Give me characters with a more solid moral centre at least, when tackling a plot like this.