Series: Steel Hawk

Heart of Steel by Eve Devon

Heart of Steel by Eve DevonHeart of Steel by Eve Devon
Series: Steel Hawk #2
Published by Samhain Publishing on June 14th 2016
Pages: 247
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Adam Steel is in crisis mode. A recent exposé claims a founder of Steel Hawk was actually The Raven, an infamous jewel thief. Amid the ensuing damage control, all eyes are on his ability to develop a prototype to secure and protect the royal Pasha Star diamond.
He’s further blindsided when he learns his assistant, Honeysuckle Hawk, has a sordid past he never knew about. Proving he never really knew her, never should have trusted her, and definitely shouldn’t start falling for her.
With her dirty laundry flapping in the media storm, Honeysuckle’s first instinct is to run. Two things make her stay: Adam’s insistence it’s better to show the world a united front, and her heart’s insistence by his side is where she belongs.
High stakes and long hours ignite passion…until the diamond is stolen and Adam’s own prototype shows Honeysuckle is a thief. Dare he trust her to help him expose the real criminal—before the mastermind wreaks havoc on the royal family?

The professional relationship between the head of R&D and his personal assistant buckles under the strain of recent unsavoury revelations, then reforms into something else more personal and more intimate when a business trip to a fictional principality in the European Alps revives a centuries-old partnership.

Jumping straight into book 2 of the Steel Hawk series makes it a little difficult to catch up, but Eve Devon’s stupendous writing smoothes all the ripples away in a perfect blend of suspense and romance set amidst a quaint aristocratic backdrop in the Alps. It’s James Bond-esque crossed with the heist of Oceans Eleven, with a little fairytale dust of royalty sprinkled over it, surreal enough to for me to wonder if a parallel universe like this exists.

Even if this is so out of reach of the ordinary person’s quotidian life, I found myself hooked from the very start, invested in the way Adam Steel and the very loyal Honeysuckle Hawk – a heroine whose name I can’t decide if it’s more reminiscent of a comic book character or a stripper – work out their issues while closing the distance between themselves with a burn so slow that when it finally combusts, you’re taken with it. Or perhaps there was always a sense of inevitability about this pairing that I hardly ever feel with many of the books I read, which somehow made them more special because of it.

There’s a plot, a conspiracy and several key players you never quite know whose side they’re on until the smoke clears. And cleared it really hasn’t, to my utter chagrin. We’re given hints and a clear set-up for a third book (by a different author) but the mystery is nonetheless unsolved, to my frustration. Obviously, I’ll be gritting my teeth until I get my hands on that one.