Series: Plum Harbor

Last Chance Season by Brenna Mills

Last Chance Season by Brenna MillsLast Chance Season by Brenna Mills
Series: Plum Harbor #1
on July 5th 2016
Pages: 268
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As a headstrong teenager, Zach Stanley thought spending his summer at his aunt’s Plum Harbor inn was just an escape from his troubled life back in Arizona. Little did he know he’d end up meeting the love of his life, breaking both their hearts, and never forgetting her...   Confident spitfire Ashleigh Jones has long since moved on with her life, but remembers that summer as if it was yesterday—the joy, the passion, the promises they made. In the end, she had no choice but to forget about her beach-season boyfriend, Zach...until, nearly a decade later, she finds herself on an Arizona horse ranch that he just happens to own. Their reunion is more than a fateful coincidence—it’s a bitter reminder of all Ash lost. Can Zach explain his past demons and earn her forgiveness? Or is it too late for Ash to recapture those long-ago Cape Cod days...and risk her heart on Zach once more?

A relatively angst-free, if not predictable, read about a second chance romance that fires up again when a change in career locations brings a park ranger in the vicinity of her old, college love who’d dumped all they used to have for reasons that don’t entirely make much sense.

I find myself oddly neutral about this book and this pairing, given this is one of the tropes that I do like reading about. Ashleigh Jones and Zach Stanley’s history is fairly well documented in the flashbacks, but I never felt as though Zach had truly ‘paid’ for the devastating blow he landed on Ash all those years ago. It took 8 years and Ash’s move to Arizona him to suddenly decide that he wanted her again but would he have done anything on his own steam had Ash not moved to across the country to where he was?

I wasn’t entirely convinced of Zach’s personal convictions as much as I liked Ash going after what she wanted even if she’s just a little gun-shy this time around; consequently, I wasn’t too sold on a relationship that was only picked up once again because proximity and serendipity – rather than human will – played a huge part in creating this second-chance for both of them.