Series: Legacy

Point of Origin by Rebecca Yarros

Point of Origin by Rebecca YarrosPoint of Origin by Rebecca Yarros
Series: Legacy #0.5
Published by Amazon Digital Services on March 6th 2016
Pages: 120
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In Legacy, Colorado, our inheritance is simple: Fire and Heartbreak.
Sebastian Vargas…he’s both.
He was my best friend. My first love. My everything.
Until he was my nothing.
It’s been ten years since the wildfire that turned our small town to ashes, taking the lives of our fathers and their elite hotshot crew.
Six years since Bash disappeared with my heart.
No explanation. No goodbye.
But now he’s home, fighting to resurrect the very thing that destroyed us both.
One look, and I’m breathless.
One touch, and he’s relentless.
And I’m not careful, he’ll burn me to the ground again.

The ratings pulled me in and thinking that it was a novella made the deal sweeter because of how easy it would be to finish the story and be in time for dinner.

I couldn’t have been more wrong and struggled to read on because the main characters irked me so much – one simply allowed lust to overcome six years of heartbreak while another swanned in like he owned the town when he’d cut and left like nothing – that I barely made it through at all. That Emerson so easily let Bash back into her pants after he cockily assumed she’d be his again while admitting he never really wanted to see her at all left an awfully foul taste in my mouth. That both of them fell into bed so easily made me wonder at the (lack of) self-respect Emerson had and the (lack of) integrity Bash displayed around the town he’d never wanted to be in. If this is story is in some way, an indirect stab at forgiveness and a definition of unconditional, everlasting love that follows a loose-playing partner (whether he stays or goes), I don’t think I want to be a part of it at all.

Yet the premise of the story itself was interesting, which left me a little torn. Should I really give the rest of the series another go? Maybe that’s better left answered another day, after my personal outrage dies down.