Series: Dulcie Schwartz

Code Grey by Clea Simon

Code Grey by Clea SimonCode Grey (Dulcie Schwartz, #9) by Clea Simon
Series: Dulcie Schwartz #9
Published by Severn House Publishers on August 1st 2015
Pages: 224
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Did a down on his luck former student steal a priceless book? Grad student and cat lover Dulcie Schwartz thinks not and she sets out to prove it" It s spring break, and Dulcie Schwartz has stayed behind in almost-deserted Cambridge, Massachusetts to concentrate on her thesis. But when a former student turned vagrant, Jeremy Mumbles, is found injured, with a valuable missing book clutched in his arms, Dulcie can t seem to let it go. What was he doing with the book? And why has it turned up after all these years? With Jeremy now the prime suspect for a series of break-ins in the area, Dulcie is determined to clear the unfortunate former scholar s name. But when she finds a connection between the book he was carrying and her own research into an anonymous Gothic author, the search for clues takes on a new intensity and a new menace.

Staying back to work on her dissertation instead of accompanying her boyfriend to his mother’s lands Dulcie smack in a mystery involving disgraced former academic Jeremy Mumbleigh. Jeremy has been accused of stealing a book, but there had also been an assault that left him in a coma and Dulcie is determined to get to the bottom of it.

There’s a touch of the paranormal, feline intervention and a mystery that’s about books – Code Grey itself reads like a love story to bibliophiles and cat lovers. Well-written, though bogged down with details at times, Code Grey shines best when its intelligent felines take centre stage.