Series: Deadly Games

Simon Says Die by Lena Diaz

Simon Says Die by Lena DiazSimon Says Die by Lena Diaz
Series: Deadly Games, #2
Published by Avon Impulse on April 17th 2012
Pages: 416
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Madison McKinley knows someone is stalking her. The police tell her she's imagining things, and they're too busy trying to find the "Simon Says" killer to investigate. But day by day, hour by hour, Madison's terror grows stronger, and not even the return of FBI Special Agent Pierce Buchanan into her life can calm her fears. Besides, how can she ask Pierce for his help after the way she ended things between them?
Pierce still wants Madison's love, and his drive to protect her is more powerful than ever. He believes she's in danger, even if the cops don't. Finally, as more people start dying and the evidence mounts, the police turn their attention to Madison—as a suspect. Was Pierce a fool to trust her again, or are they both caught in a complex game that neither will survive?

Madison – or rather, a weak, repulsive female lead –  is the sole reason I gave up on this. Childish, reckless, defiant at every turn with a misguided sense of right and wrong, petulant with tantrums that would rival a 2 year old’s, I think there can’t be enough negative adjectives I could put down here that would do her justice as the worst character I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. Maturity here – or the lack of it – is the main issue here and I simply cannot read about a pairing where the hero is such a shining star in contrast to the dull and blunt surfaces of an undeserving heroine.