Series: Coded for Love

Heated Match by Lynne Silver

Heated Match by Lynne SilverHeated Match by Lynne Silver
Series: Coded for Love #1
Published by Beyond the Page on April 5th 2016
Pages: 377
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The Program: an organization of elite soldiers with superior strength, agility, and intellect. These men are willing to put their lives on the line to execute the government’s most dangerous missions.
Journalist Loren Stanton wants nothing more than to break a big story that will catapult her career. But the only item that’s caught her eye lately is Adam Blacker, a soldier whose rugged sexiness sets her pulse racing. When rumors surface that he’s part of a classified government program, Loren has every excuse she needs to get as close to him as possible, no matter what it takes.
As team leader of a covert ops group, Adam steers clear of all journalists, but there’s no denying the blazing passion Loren stirs in him. A scorching night together convinces him their connection is more than skin-deep, still, he’s not ready to let down his guard—his genetic enhancements make him an exceptional soldier, but what woman would want to commit to his high-risk life?
When a dangerous enemy from Adam’s past resurfaces and Loren insists on joining the fight rather than running, he’s forced to face a dark truth. This courageous, loyal woman moves him in ways he never imagined possible. And now that Adam knows she has his back, he also knows that he has to win her heart.

This started out so well, with the setup of a situation and what might be a juicy conspiracy I was just waiting to dig into, until the story took a bizarre and not-so-welcome turn into a soldier-breeding programme that veered so off the initial plot that I was left confused and well, wanting. To my dismay, what I’d hoped was a heart-pounding military suspense/romance somehow went down the path of panting, half-crazed lust that left common sense and all rational thought by the wayside – which is apparently the product of being ‘matched’.

Unfortunately, I had to give this up way too early for my liking.