Series: Best Revenge

Served Hot by Marie Harte

Served Hot by Marie HarteServed Hot by Marie Harte
Series: Best Revenge #2
Published by Samhain Publishing on December 30th 2014
Pages: 207
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Blackmailed into a prom date by the cute but geeky Dexter Black twelve years ago, Maya Werner shocked herself by having a good time. For a strong-willed, hot-tempered artist who s used to having the upper hand, that s never sat well with her.
At weekly wine night with her friends, Maya finds herself pledging to get revenge on the men who ve done her wrong starting with Dex. Except the Marine Corps transformed the nerd into a hot, sexy guy with the audacity to blackmail her "again." This time into a few dates.
Dex is back in town with one goal in mind: to win the girl of his dreams. But he knows how she operates. His strategy? Keep her off balance by running hot and cold until she melts into the passion between them.
When a misunderstanding stokes old hurts, Maya backs away when she should stand her ground. But Dex has a contingency plan: pour on the charm with both barrels, until he has his own form of revenge loving Maya, forever.

Didn’t quite live up to my expectations after reading the last chapter of the first installment, unfortunately. I was so looking forward to a chapter of their high school years and perhaps even a period where Maya found Dex completely changed and has to deal with that transformation, but there wasn’t anything like that in this book. I do like their chemistry though, and the sex tape idea is definitely quite a novel one.


Served Cold by Marie Harte

Served Cold by Marie HarteServed Cold by Marie Harte
Series: Best Revenge #1
Published by Samhain Publishing on September 16th 2014
Pages: 201
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Back in high school, Ann Weaver told herself getting ditched by Jack Bloom was for the best. At twenty-nine, she’s way over him. He was her first, but definitely not her last.
On weekly wine night with her friends, the talk turns to regrets—and Ann finds herself pledging to fix her past, starting with confronting those who treated her like dirt. Her first target: Jack, who’s recently moved back to town to stay.
But something’s different. He’s funny, kind, and amazing in bed. He acts like he really likes her, might even love her. Soon Ann is having a hard time remembering she’s only in it for revenge. Especially when she learns the real reason he dumped her.
Jack is older, wiser, and has a hell of a lot of experience behind him. For a chance at a future with this grown-up, gorgeous Ann, he’s ready to do whatever it takes. Until her true motive for rekindling their romance comes to light, and Jack must decide if forgiveness is enough to let love push through the lie.

When three women hatch a plot of revenge against unsuspecting men, the result is an explosive conflagration of hot sex, laugh-out-loud dialogue lines and many classic rom-com moments. I found myself grinning at a school teacher’s antics behind closed doors but I was especially taken with Maya, the loud and take-no-prisoners woman, whose story with Dex is already making me moist with anticipation.

As much as I loved Ann Weaver (wasn’t too sold on Jack and the typical playboy past that many readers seem to like), the last part of Served Cold left me breathless – and was perhaps the book’s biggest draw for me.

Damn you, Marie Harte, for making me wait for Maya and Dex.