Series: Axle Alley Vipers

Wrecked by Sherilee Gray

Wrecked by Sherilee GrayWrecked by Sherilee Gray
Series: Axle Alley Vipers #3
Published by Entangled: Indulgence on February 8th 2016
Pages: 265
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He's driving her crazy...
Piper West is finally on her own, and it's time to get crazy. Except that her overprotective big bro has enlisted his ex-cop best friend to keep an eye on his baby sister. With every move monitored and reported back, Piper's life has gone from "going crazy" to "being driven crazy." But a searing-hot kiss with her sexy and scarred watchdog is just the game-changer she needs...
Cole Black owes Piper's brother big-time, but there's nothing easy about his new assignment. Piper is all feisty sexiness and curves meant to tempt a man beyond reason, and Cole can't stop himself. Now he's caught up in a hunger like nothing he's ever known, and he can't get enough...
Even if Piper's the one girl he's not allowed to have.

Piper West’s road to independence hasn’t been more smoothly paved, now that her sister and best friend have moved out and into their new lives with their other halves. Except for the tiny thorn in her arse called Cole Black, the guy she’s always wanted and will always want.

But being the (most) deluded male that the men of Sherilee Gray’s very excellent Axle Alley series tend to be, Cole’s struggle with survival guilt somehow extends to everything else in his life, especially Piper and proves to be the only major obstacle that neither can really overcome. The cramp in Piper’s style – and the final straw – comes from her overbearing big brother, who insists that Cole watches over her, a move that inadvertently turns both Cole and Piper both into drooling, straining idiots whose clothes you know will eventually get shredded when the tension finally boils over.

It’s hard not to like sassy, spunky Piper, whose hilarious ways of pushing her brother’s best friend over the edge made me laugh and cheer for her, even if this is a well-worn trope that has been employed till kingdom come. That never-say-die, indefatigable hope that she’s full of (and not appearing too needy while at it) won me over immediately and while Cole’s tortured ways do yank some emotional chains, I must say again, that the girls, in Sherilee Grey’s universe, come out top.


Revved by Sherilee Gray

Revved by Sherilee GrayRevved (Axle Alley Vipers #2) by Sherilee Gray
Series: Axle Alley Vipers #2
Published by Entangled: Indulgence on October 5th 2015
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He'll rev her up and drive her to the edge...
Rusty West swore she was done with men. Instead, she channeled her passion into West Restoration, the car shop she runs with her best friend and sister. But Rusty's aloof composure fades when the owner of the competition comes striding into her shop, over six feet of sexy, rough-edged enough to send Rusty's motor into overdrive.
Reid Parker worked his ass off to get what he wants - and what he wants is West Restoration and its crew. He never expected to find a shop of all-female mechanics...or the stunning redhead who ignites a lust that threatens his cool. But Reid plays carefully. He never, ever gets involved with a woman beyond one night.
And no matter how hot the sparks, Rusty will never compromise her business for a man...

Once again, the Vipers of Axle Alley have me cheering for them. After reading Deacon’s and Alex’s story not long ago, I knew that the Axle Alley women had tales that I needed to get into…and soon. In what’s essentially a rivals-to-lovers story, Rusty West is forced to confront her own demons about relationships when Reid Parker strolls into her compound with the intention of buying her business out. It isn’t long before their personal issues come into play…and threaten to wipe out their fledgling relationship.

Written with lots of panache, Sherilee Gray channels Tessa Bailey and this is never more apparent in ‘Revved’, where the dirty-talking heroes – men who are obsessively possessive and barely keep themselves from falling off the chauvinistic edge – reign supreme, fall in love, screw up and grovel big time. But really, I’d say that ‘Revved’ is Rusty journey to her Happy Ever After and the strength and irrepressible attitudes of all the women here almost make the men inconsequential, even if the guy in question is Reid Parker, the tattooed and rough-around-the edges rival of West Restoration and the king of one-nighters. Rusty and Reid give each other the runaround a little too much though – the steamy scenes didn’t always seem completely necessary – and with a rather abrupt ending that was rather unsatisfying, I could only cheer myself up with the fact that there’s still Piper’s unfinished business with Cole to come.