Home to Bindarra Creek by Juanita Kees

Posted in Chick Lit/ Contemporary Romance/ Reviews 17th January 2016
Home to Bindarra Creek by Juanita KeesHome to Bindarra Creek by Juanita Kees, Belinda Holmes, Amygdala Designs
Series: A Bindarra Creek Romance #6
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on December 11th 2015
Pages: 240
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When fate brings together two lost souls, it's time to leave the shadows behind and come home to Bindarra Creek
Alice Pritchard has learned to live with her haunted past. She's comfortable in her cocoon in sleepy Bindarra Creek, but with rejuvenation of the town, she has let go of the memories. Dan Molyneaux roars into her life in his high-powered V8 and reopens the Riverside Pub forcing her to face her ghosts. Slowly he melts the ice around her heart, but love always comes at a cost.

I couldn’t be more surprised and amazed at this short, but emotion-rich read. The books that I’ve read of the Bindarra Creek series thus far have been quite the revelation, giving me my requisite dose of Antipodean writing. Juanita Kees’s writing – wonderfully balanced storytelling with eye-popping characters that feel real enough to touch – however, lifts this particular series to a new high.


Shadows of the Heart by Lee Christine

Posted in Chick Lit/ Contemporary Romance/ Reviews 6th October 2015
Shadows of the Heart by Lee ChristineShadows of the Heart by Lee Christine
Series: A Bindarra Creek Romance #2
Published by Inc. on August 26th 2015
Pages: 160
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When Cameron Reid returns home from Iraq his sole intention is to help his ailing father restore the family cattle station, Bindarra Downs, to its former glory. But when Rhiannon Scott, a girl he hasn’t seen in fifteen years comes knocking at his father’s door, Cameron’s wish for a return to the quiet, country life is turned upside down.

Rhiannon has a secret. A city girl lying low in the country town she first visited as a billet, she’s yearning to take back the life she’s been forced to put on hold. Getting involved with the irresistible, former army commander, a pillar of the community, would only invite the kind of unwanted attention she’s been advised to avoid.

Can the power of their attraction compel Rhiannon to sacrifice everything she’s trying to achieve? Or will Cameron be forced to choose between the girl he’s come to love and the family he vowed never to leave again?

Sweet, fun and low-angst read, of a small-town romance that re-ignites when serendipity brings two teenage sweethearts back together again. There’s a touch of suspense and little twists of surprises (the tick incident made me cringe and laugh at the same time) in the story that keeps it all very entertaining, but it’s nothing less than what I’ve come to expect from Lee Christine, whom I can safely associate with unusual plot developments and sensible characters who thankfully don’t do stupid things to make me hate them.

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