Author: Susanne Bellamy

Engaging The Enemy by Susanne Bellamy

Engaging The Enemy by Susanne BellamyEngaging The Enemy by Susanne Bellamy
Published by Escape Publishing on August 1st 2014
Pages: 162
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Andrea de Villiers can’t lie to save herself. But when developer, Matt Mahoney, buys the building she and a friend have established as a safe house in the Melbourne CBD, she decides that protecting The Shelter is more important than her aching heart. She will confront Mr Mahoney, and she will emerge victorious. There are no other options.
But Matt has other plans for Andie, and she soon finds herself ensnared in a web of well-meaning lies and benevolent deceit. To protect the building and the families that depend on her, Andie agrees to play the part of Matt’s fiancée, and play it convincingly.
But lies soon bleed into truth, and what was once a deception starts to feel all too real. Can Andie accomplish her goals and protect The Shelter, without losing her heart to the charming Irish developer?

An enemies-to-lovers story that’s set in contemporary Melbourne, written with old-style prose that made me keep flipping back to make sure the characters weren’t in tall hats and corsets riding in horse carriages.

That particular disconnect was a little too strong for me to get fully engaged in the drama playing out over a house and an intense attraction between 2 fairly likeable leads. All things considered, this could have been a Downton Abbey episode minus the modernities vaguely mentioned in the book.