Author: Sonya Weiss

Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss

Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya WeissStealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss
Series: Stealing the Heart #3
on January 11th 2016
Pages: 174
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Having missed out on the "drop-dead-gorgeous" gene in her family, Ann Snyder decides to kick a little butt in the business world instead. That is, until her skeezy manager's "side business" has the FDA raiding her chocolate shop. Now Ann's in huge trouble...and the only person who can help her is the adorkable guy who completely humiliated her in high school.
Lawyer Eric Maxwell has been in love with Ann as long as he can remember. He figured he never stood a chance-don't the beautiful girls always prefer the bad boys to the nerds? So he makes Ann a deal. He'll provide her with free legal services...if she'll move in and help transform him from nerd-without-a-clue to bona fide bad boy.
And once the transition is complete, all he has to do is prove that he's the only bachelor for her...

Ann Snyder’s shop is in trouble and the only person who’s available to help her is an attorney, who, unbeknownst to her, had a massive crush on her that he never forgot. But that help comes in the form of a devious plan when she agrees to transform the good nerd into a badboy in return for his services. Stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, she agrees to this half-cocked plan, which does shift things between them…a result that Eric has wanted all along.

There’s a plethora of misconceptions that had never been corrected up until present circumstances demand them to be and Ann/Eric finally manage to iron out the complications that had kept them apart in high school, even if those seem entirely trivial through the lens of adulthood. While that particular entanglement was good to read about, the story was unfortunately, not an entirely exciting one.

I did like the easy but tight-knit relationships (and some family conflict) that Sonya Weiss portrayed between the characters, but that’s probably as far as it goes. It was hard however, to into the rather ridiculous plan that Eric hatched and Ann actually going along with it – despite him being a really likeable guy – even though love supposedly makes juvenile fools of us all and the rather rushed conflict-ending sequence felt too formulaic for me. Yet, Ann/Eric’s HEA felt entirely deserved and I’m strangely glad for that.