Author: Sharla Lovelace

The Sweetest Chase by Sharla Lovelace

The Sweetest Chase by Sharla LovelaceThe Sweetest Chase by Sharla Lovelace
Series: Heart of the Storm #2
Published by Montlake Romance on February 23rd 2016
Pages: 387
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Photographer Quinn Parker is getting married in a month, and she’s almost happy about it. Even though her mother is planning the whole wedding. Even though she’s secretly had the hots for Simon Chase forever. But he’s her best friend’s brother and her coworker…off-limits even if she were single. So she’s marrying the man who should be her perfect match—and that’s that.
Simon Chase’s life revolves around his family’s storm-chasing business. The meteorologist of the bunch, he’d rather be out in the weather than reporting it—especially if Quinn Parker is along to photograph the run. He’s been hiding his crush on her for a long time, and it’s only intensified. But she’s marrying someone else—and that’s that.
Or is it? When a Chase family wedding sets the stage for body temperatures to rise and the pressure of Quinn’s impending wedding to build, a new reality breaks. Quinn and Simon discover their unrequited affections have been mutual all along. When the gathering storm of their attraction finally reaches its peak, will it leave their lives in shambles? Or will they find shelter in each other?

With a month to go to Quinn Parker’s impending wedding, the status-quo can’t – and should not – change during this critical time, especially for Simon Chase, who has always loved her. But circumstances conspire at this juncture for both Quinn and Simon enough to tell them that this sentiment is in fact, mutual – and that’s where the trouble begins.

The storm-chasing universe has always intrigued me and the turmoil in each character’s personal life as always, mirrors the thrill and the unpredictability of the chase during tornado season. This happened in the drama that surrounded Zach and Maddi in the previous book and it isn’t any less intense for both Simon and Quinn as they battle their emotions of guilt, denial and betrayal when it all becomes clear that crossing the line from friends to lovers will change every dynamic they’ve been familiar with. Helped along by a stellar (and hilarious) supporting crew, Simon and Quinn do indeed find their way back to each other, albeit too slowly for my liking and with too much indecision and teetering on Quinn’s part who could have put an end to her own misery a long time ago. Angsty tales of (apparently) unrequited love can be my personal crack, which is primarily the reason I wanted to see how this story played out. Sharla Lovelace burrows deep into the H/hr’s mindsets and balances this rocky path to HEA with the heart-stopping action of chasing storms, yet I thought the drama was drawn out way too long, which Simon’s and Quinn’s abrupt and brief resolution couldn’t balance out by the time it came.


Loving the Chase by Sharla Lovelace

Loving the Chase by Sharla LovelaceLoving the Chase by Sharla Lovelace
Series: Heart of the Storm, #1
Published by Montlake Romance on August 25th 2015
Pages: 352
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Charming, adventurous Zach Chase has always craved the spotlight, and now he’s on the hunt for publicity for his family’s storm-chasing business. So when a reality TV network approaches him with the idea for a show profiling their work, he can’t resist. But the last person he expects to walk into the meeting is the former love of his life.
Production assistant Maddi Hayes was once engaged to Zach—until she was almost killed by a tornado he was out chasing. She walked away from her fiancé and their future together, convinced she’d always come second to his dangerous career.
Dreading the show and anxious over working so closely with Zach, Maddi also knows this project could mean big things for her career. If only Zach weren’t still so infuriating…and so infuriatingly sexy. Can they finally let go of their stormy past? Or will the passion still raging between them win in the end?

Loved the concept of the whole story and the added thrill of stormchasing definitely upped the excitement level that I had reading this. Coupled with a second-chance romance, I did think ‘Loving the Chase’ could have been a fantastic read. It’s well-written, with excellent pacing and pretty much a great adventure.

What I found a let down were the lead characters themselves, particularly Zach who seemed clueless, selfish and too indulgent to care enough about the woman he professed to love. He simply didn’t feel like a character with any staying power with women and somehow the return of Maddi changed all of it, the latter of whom I found myself sympathising with because of what she had to go through because of him. I hated that he could chase storms but didn’t chase after the love of his life after she ran off – then using the next seven years as an excuse not to get close to any one…then rinsed and repeated that same gesture again the second time around.

The dynamics of the Chase family however, are rather interesting and Lovelace has clearly put in place several hooks for the other members to have their own stories told, which I can safely say I’m looking forward to.