Author: P.L. Parker

Riley’s Journey by P.L. Parker

Riley’s Journey by P.L. ParkerRiley's Journey by P.L. Parker
Published by Wild Rose Press on July 20th 2007
Pages: 304
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The research project was only supposed to be for an extended period. No one said anything about forever! So Riley's journey begins. Unknowingly sent back 40,000 years to be the mate of a man she had never before met, Riley struggles to understand and adjust. Her journey will take her into a world fraught with dangers - a world made more treacherous by savage beasts, primitive Neanderthals, and the incursion of the aggressive Cro-Magnon man. Surviving alone for five years in this vast wilderness, Nathan, along with his enormous dog, Demon, carve out a life in the perilous environment. Though thrown together by forces beyond their control, love grows between Riley and Nathan - but will they survive?

I’ve never read a time-travel romance that sent people straight to prehistoric times, but I was chuffed at the prospect of reading about a woman who was sent back unknowingly to be the mate of a man who’d been in the Pleistocene period for 5 years. The unusual premise, while intriguing and offering a fantastic change of scenery and a whole new boatload of perils, falters when it came to the sloppy science and the uneven writing and amateurish dialogue which made the characters a little too preppy and childish at times. That said, I did like Nathan a lot and apart from Riley’s uncharacteristic bursts of TSTL moments, I did like reading about a period so far removed from ours.