Author: Natasza Waters

His Perfect Imperfection by Natasza Waters

His Perfect Imperfection by Natasza WatersHis Perfect Imperfection by Natasza Waters
Published by Monica Schaumann on January 20th 2016
Pages: 296
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An epic contemporary love story of imperfect romance.
Mika rents a quaint cottage on a seaside estate. With a group of amazing friends and her disease in remission, she’s happy. In a world spellbound by beauty, she hides the scars of her disorder beneath baggy clothes. Perched on the cliff, her mysterious landlord lives alone in a stately glass house, although his home is transparent, there’s no penetrating the blue abyss of Cain’s eyes or the coldness of the striking man who disappears for days at a time.
Women are Cain’s business. The fantasy he sells has made him a wealthy but empty man. Within a short time, he’s lured by Mika’s beguiling spirit. When life cracks its whip at her, he’s there to catch her. Discovering her secret, he teaches her passion, but it’s her love he desires, not her flesh. To keep her, he’ll have to confess his past sins and convince her that beauty is more than skin deep.

I found myself thinking way too much about this story long after I finished it. ‘His Perfect Imperfection’ stands out simply because of the uniqueness of plot as well as main characters taken to extremes: a female protagonist with a chronic illness that renders an imperfect exterior and a high-class male escort whose chosen profession has robbed him of any hope of normalcy. Some parts of the writing went over my head – with some cheesy lines and editing errors that got me cringing – but overall, Natazsa Waters’s glowing treatise on personality and character above appearance comes through poignantly and memorably.