Author: Kathleen Brooks

Forever Entangled by Kathleen Brooks

Forever Entangled by Kathleen BrooksForever Entangled by Kathleen Brooks
Series: Forever Bluegrass #1
Published by Laurens Publishing on January 1st 1970
Pages: 275
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Ryan Parker had always loved Sienna Ashton, but gave up on his fantasy years ago. After working as an undercover FBI Agent in Los Angeles, Ryan gets a phone call telling him to come home to the small town of Keeneston, Kentucky. The woman he thought he was over is now in serious trouble.
Sienna Ashton fell in love with Ryan Parker too late. He was gone from her life before she realized what he really meant to her. Now working as a sports psychologist, Sienna finds herself helping others figure their lives out. She thinks her chance of happily ever after is long gone until a murder brings Ryan back into her life and entangles them in a battle for their heart and their lives.
Ryan and Sienna discover there is more going on than originally thought and now the two are in the fight of their lives. It doesn't take long for fireworks to ignite as passion and danger drive the couple toward a fate they never saw coming.

Entirely underwhelming and criminally overpriced for the amount I paid for this.

The simplistic writing at times – I’m not an advocate of purple prose that needs caffeine to wade through – bothered me from the first few pages, lacking the sophistication to sustain a complex romantic suspense plot, which greatly reduced my enjoyment of the story. Sentences like ‘Ryan’s cover was blown’, ‘Bang, Bang. Ryan shot the two guards.’ made me wonder early on if the story was worth reading, but I should admit at this point, that my nitpicking isn’t doing me any favours.

The characters themselves behaved like teenagers rather than adults on a case and that proved the last straw.

So I skimmed, automatically picking out parts that were good, and left others that were iffy by the wayside. That was when I knew I’d completely lost it.