Author: Anna Banks

How to Lose a Bachelor by Anna Banks

How to Lose a Bachelor by Anna BanksHow To Lose A Bachelor by Anna Banks
on November 9th 2015
Pages: 300
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When Rochelle Ransom auditioned for the dating show Luring Love, she had big plans for winning the prize money to help her favorite charity-and if she won the hot bachelor's heart, even better. But at the last minute she finds out the hot bachelor is her ex-boyfriend, Grant Drake. Desperate to keep her distance from him, she'll do anything-and everything-to get voted off.
Years ago, Rochelle broke Grant's heart, and he's out for revenge. There's no way he'll vote her off.
After all, vengeance is a dish best served red-hot...and on live television.
When her hilarious antics to get kicked off the show escalate, Grant's reminded why he fell in love with her the first time. Now he isn't sure which might be more fun... Seeing how far Rochelle is willing to go to get away or how far he will to keep her forever

Signing up for a reality show that’s akin to The Bachelor (not that I ever saw it) is worth the humiliation if it’s all for a worthy cause – or so Rochelle Ransom thinks, up until the point where said bachelor in question is none other than Grant Drake, an ex in college who’d walked away from her 10 years ago. The politics of reality TV however, holds her ransom (pun sort of intended) to the show but Grant has a little payback of his own to dish out to the woman whom he thinks had intended to leave him in the dust all those years ago.

Hilarity ensues when Rochelle tries to walk away from it all and her early antics to humiliate herself and/or Grant to get herself voted off was pure romantic-comedy with a dash of slapstick done pretty well in prose. If anything, this was a highly entertaining read that got a little silly towards the end, but so worth an afternoon off.