Author: Alison Bliss

Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss

Rules of Protection by Alison BlissRules of Protection by Alison Bliss
Series: Tangled in Texas, #1
Published by Entangled: Select on August 26th 2014
Pages: 392
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It's rule breaker Emily Foster's birthday, and like everyone at The Jungle Room, she just wants to get some action. Unfortunately, she stumbles on the wrong kind, witnessing a mob hit. To protect her, she's entered into the Witness Protection Program with by-the-book Special Agent Jake Ward as her chaperone.
When the location of their safe house is compromised, Jake stashes Emily deep in the Texas backwoods. The city-girl might be safe from the Mafia, but she has to contend with a psychotic rooster, a narcoleptic dog, crazy cowboys, and the danger of losing her heart to the one man she can't have.
Jake's as hot as he is infuriating, and she can't help but push all his buttons to loosen him up. Their mutual, sizzling sexual attraction poses a dilemma: Jake's determined to keep her safe and out of the wrong hands; she's determined to get into the right ones—his.

Couldn’t finish this and just threw in my all after two or three chapters, exhausted by an annoying heroine. As someone who loves romantic suspense, the use of the first-person which I typically associate with young/new adult books, is over the top jarring. Perhaps it’s Ms Bliss’s way of trying to give a unique voice to her characters, but this backfired for me spectacularly and personally, I found them to be persistently unbelievable enough to be a friday night sitcom with tanking ratings rather than a heart-pumping race to safety.