Guest Post by Ingrid Paulson

Ingrid Paulson joins me today to talk about “Why I Loathe Sterling Lane”. Check out the blog tour for this book!

I’ve been writing quite a few guest blog posts and interviews to celebrate the release of WHY I LOATHE STERLING LANE. A common question is whether I have any deleted scenes to share. Normally, I have word documents brimming with scenes I had to cut but that I hoped I could one day recycle into a new project. However, while revising SL, I actually added more scenes than I cut. Don’t get me wrong, many paragraphs and individual lines went to the chopping block, but most of the heavy lifting involved character development by adding scenes and in one case an entire chapter. So I thought I’d share some of the lines I loved that I had to delete or replace. Some of them really make me laugh now that I’ve got some perspective on the project. But oh, how it can hurt when you have to kill your darlings!

  1. His mouth slammed into mine, so sudden and fast that our front teeth clicked on impact. We were like snarling pit bulls colliding, grappling for a better hold.

This is a perfect instance of an edit making me crack up, but also feel a little twinge of sorrow. Because snarling pit bulls really was the most accurate description of what was flashing through my head!

  1. It was the kind of touch I’d shamed myself out of craving. I’d walled it of behind my Rules, kept it bound and gagged in the basement of my mind. And now that it was out, my hostage unleashed, there was no containing it.

While Harper is prone to mellow drama, I should not have needed someone else to point out that hostage situations are probably not the best metaphor to use during a kissing scene.

  1. “Now,” he whispered.

“Excuse me?” I asked

“Now is the time for that.” His thumb traced my collarbone.

I opened my mouth, horrified by what eh was suggesting—at what he assumed.

“I—I don’t want. Oh, you’re horrible. A pig. You’re a pig. And I hate you.” I meant it. Every word. So it was beyond confusing when my face lifted. My brain never issued the command, yet my body rushed headlong to obey it. Fortunately one of my brilliant critique partners helped me smooth out the tension in this moment, but I do love it when Harper calls him a pig!

Those are the three that popped out at me as I skimmed through my marked up manuscript, focusing on the steamy scenes. But there are a few more gems I’ll have to save for future blog posts.. Thank you again for having me—I hope you love to loathe Sterling Lane as much as Harper does!

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