Daddy’s Best Friend by London Hale

Daddy’s Best Friend by London HaleDaddy's Best Friend by London Hale
Series: Temperance Falls, #2
Published by London Hale on May 2nd 2017
Pages: 118
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She’s temptation personifiedNathan’s always been more than just my dad’s friend. I never thought he'd see me as an adult, especially not after avoiding me for so long. But one hug, one moment feeling every inch of him against me, shatters that illusion. Consequences no longer matter—I’m eighteen, and I’m willing to risk everything for my shot with him.
He’s not going to resist anymoreI never should’ve seen Eve as more than my best friend’s daughter. As a cop, I know it’s wrong. It’s my job to protect her from guys like me. Chasing her could cost me my career—not to mention the only family I've ever known—but I can’t hold back another second. One taste, and I want her. To hell with the fallout.

Definitely hot, most likely taboo and absolutely a guilty-pleasure because ‘Daddy’s Best Friend’ delves into a very particular aspect of what most people deem as forbidden in certain relationships. And somehow this in particular, gets me panting.

A barely-legal adult with a man who’s probably twice her age will get frowns here, but age differences don’t bother me too much (to some extent at least) and London Hale writes this new relationship with smutty confidence, which I appreciate.

There are faint echoes of Alexa Riley in here – a filthy-talking male, an instant type of connection because of the brevity of the novella and very quick declarations of love after hot sex – but thankfully, without the ick-factor of ‘daddy-play’ coming into it. It’s a little too short for me really – I’d love to see more character and plot development – but I’m guessing that the length of the story is itself, proof that the focus is more on getting the reader to have a good time in as short a time as possible with just enough plausibility in this relationship to go on without too many questions asked.

A good setup for the next novella’s in store and it tickles me in some way because this series is shaping out to be one of way younger women with much older men. Bring it on, because I can’t wait.


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