Flirting with Fire by Kate Hardy

Flirting with Fire by Kate HardyFlirting with Fire by Kate Hardy
Series: Men of Marietta #2
Published by Tule Publishing on March 28th 2017
Pages: 166
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 Meet Mr. July... 

When meticulous rule-follower Emily Foster meets adrenaline junkie Lyle Tate, the last thing she wants to do is get involved with him–especially as her twin sister has fallen in love with his older brother. 

But under his charming, reckless, sexy exterior, Tate's the kind of man who rescues people. Can Emily break her rules enough to learn that she can trust Tate with her heart? And will Tate let Emily close enough to learn his deepest, darkest secrets and let her prove to him that he's worthy of love?

How Tule Publishing’s fictional town of Marietta has grown…and without appearing like a sap, I’m rather amazed at how many of the authors contributing to the the incredible stories built around this scenic, picturesque place have give me such entertaining reads along the way.

‘Flirting with Fire’ is yet another one of those charming, easy and light reads which gave me more than a few hours of fun escapism. I hadn’t read the previous books in the series, but Lyle and Emily certainly hold their own quite easily throughout. With more than a few hints of pride and prejudice in it, the slightly antagonistic attraction between them was great to follow and I thoroughly enjoyed how the attraction slid into something deeper as both fought a connection that couldn’t possibly be forged in a mere few days. Or could it?

There are several issues to be untangled – although it seemed a little overblown on Lyle’s side – as I’d expected, but Emily impressed me somehow, with her no-nonsense, cool stance, displaying none of that hysterical desperation (sacrificing dignity and self-worth in the process) that I typically detest when push comes to shove. Both characters – perhaps more of Lyle really – aren’t quite who they seem and Kate Hardy has made sure Lyle/Emily can only be together after their veneers have been stripped. The ending is somewhat abrupt and rushed though – with an almost-harried solution that made me wonder if their Happy-for-now would last – and I’d hoped I could see how they got on some time down the road.

Nevertheless, the Men of Marietta series is making me perk up, because there are still several stories to be told and I’m eager to see it get on.