Full Package by Lauren Blakely

Full Package by Lauren BlakelyFull Package by Lauren Blakely
on January 9th 2017
Pages: 300
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I’ve been told I have quite a gift.

Hey, I don’t just mean in my pants. I’ve got a big brain too, and a huge heart of gold. And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest, the package included. Life is smooth sailing....

Because scoring an apartment in this city is harder than finding true love. So even if I have to shack up with my buddy’s smoking hot and incredibly amazing little sister, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.
I can resist Josie. I’m disciplined, I’m focused, and I keep my hands to myself, even in the mere five-hundred square feet we share. Until the one night she insists on sliding under the covers with me. It’ll help her sleep after what happened that day, she says.

And even though we agree to return to roomies-without-benefits, I quickly realize I want more than someone to split the utilities with. Now all I want is to spend every night—and every day—with my gorgeous roommate.

Did I mention she’s also one of my best friends? That she’s brilliant, beautiful and a total firecracker? Guess that makes her the full package too.
What’s a man stuck in a hard place to do?

The masculine POV—or at least envisioned by the female author—is notoriously difficult to get right and the jury’s still out on this one but Lauren Blakely definitely makes the book a heck of an enjoyable one. It’s that specific combination of smug, arrogant, hyper-self-aware and funny that makes it’s eye-rollingly predictable yet hilarious in some way and sustained mostly throughout the book with very small recipe inserts by Josie, I’m starting to think that Blakely has the market cornered on this one because I haven’t come across any like this so far. Whether it’s truly reflective of the male mind (I do honestly think many men are more happily oblivious to most things emotional) isn’t the point anymore I guess, but because it’s a reflection of what women probably want to read of a male mind is what makes this book works.

The ‘Full Package’ this time is Chase Summers, the upbeat doctor who seems quite the guy: is able to fall in love, isn’t hard up about denial of feelings, isn’t commitment-phobic, yet does the usual things that most virile male characters do, so in short, a fairly decent one to grace the romance genre. Even if the story’s rather predictable (best friends who become housemates who become more, though not without the angst of losing the friendship after the irrevocable turn happens), I still had a good time reading it.

My only tiny issue is that I think Blakely should label these books a series, even if they can sort of function as standalones; the sheer number of ‘interlocking’ and interdependent couples of this huge ‘friends’ group from the rest of her Big O books do make it a series of sorts.