Out of Bounds by Lauren Blakely

Out of Bounds by Lauren BlakelyOut of Bounds by Lauren Blakely
Published by Bloomsbury Spark on November 22nd 2016
Pages: 150
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The first rule of football--don't screw with a streak.
My career is finally looking up, and I'm leading a new pro team down the field every Sunday. No way will I mess with that. But when I meet the most stunning and captivating woman I've ever seen, I tell myself one night will have to be enough.
But it's not. And now I can't get her out of my mind. Even when I'm playing. Even when I need to focus. Even when I’m on the hottest streak of my life.
And it turns out, she's not just some random woman I met. She works for the team. My team.
I only have one goal this season--do my part as the team's lawyer to keep them out of trouble. Help rebuild their reputation on and off the field. There's no room for error and certainly no room for a secret tryst with a player . . . even if he's the quarterback.

‘Out of Bounds’ differs immediately from the usual sports romance that I’ve gone through (and left mostly unimpressed) simply because both lead characters aren’t in any way defective, terribly flawed or lugging around a chip on their shoulders that would take the whole book and mountain loads of angst to resolve. There isn’t any of that here but a deliciously slow burn of flirty promises touches that escalate until the sexual tension gives.

Drew and Dani do indeed have all their faculties tied together and their careers in place and Lauren Blakely skilfully shows how a story of such a put-together pairing can still function and function perfectly in a setting that seems to frown at a relationship between an attorney and a ball player. In fact, the maturity of the characters had me blinking in disbelief which for a large part, does contribute to the low angst level of the book as well as how mind-bogglingly easy a relationship can be – a prominent feature in itself when so many stories are built on the premise on opposing personalities and mitigating circumstances.

The short length of the story doesn’t compromise character depth or development either and for someone completely unfamiliar with American football, the story thankfully doesn’t go into specifics that require a detailed understanding of the sport to work. So if this is Blakely’s idea of a sports romance, I’m already in queue for her next one.