Bound By Temptation by Trish McCallan

Bound By Temptation by Trish McCallanBound by Temptation by Trish McCallan
Series: Bound By #2
Published by Trish McCallan Inc on June 29th 2016
Pages: 162
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When old flame Emma Janssen is targeted by unknown assailants for unknown reasons, Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Lucas Trammel, steps in to protect her. But as the danger escalates and passions flare, the couple find themselves caught in two battles—one for life and one for love.

Not a bad read, though brief and sadly, much less connected to the ‘Red Hot Seals’ world than I thought. If I liked the paranormal element in this universe, the novellas here don’t contain any of that and are more like short, bite-sized pieces of romantic suspense/contemporary romance reads intended for a quick wrap-up and an undisputed HEA.

I did like the setup of both Lucas and Emma’s backstory and the suspense was a lot easier to take in than the first novella which I felt ended too abruptly. What left me intrigued though, was the number of characters in SEAL team 7 (and even Rio) who do have the potential to have their own stories told.

There are however, some continuity errors for instance (Dante Addario’s eye colour seems to change throughout the book) and some editing/grammar/spelling faults that seem to have been overlooked in the publication process. Normally I could ignore these, but some really stuck out like sore thumbs which in some (petty) way, affected my reading.