Allegiances by Cynthia Eden

Allegiances by Cynthia EdenAllegiances by Cynthia Eden
Series: The Battling McGuire Boys #6
Published by Harlequin on April 19th 2016
Pages: 288
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Private investigator Sullivan "Sully" McGuire has a reputation for danger. He's spent most of his life tracking the men who murdered his parents. The one woman who sees past Sully's predatorial pursuit is the wife he abandoned years ago. But Celia James has returned, this time with a target on her back. In order to save Celia, Sully is forced to resurrect old demons. New dangers—and dormant desires—bring Sully and Celia closew…and old enemies even closer.

A thrilling conclusion to the series, albeit rather similar to book 5 that seamlessly led straight into this. The central mystery of the McGuire parents’ murder is finally solved, but not without twists and turns and some shocking revelations that hint at a larger conspiracy – and with it, a well of corruption – within the Alphabet agencies.

I did like Cynthia Eden’s no-nonsense approach to Sully’s and Celia’s estrangement; there’s no time wasted getting a divorced couple back together again, even though Celia seemed to forgive what Sullivan had done rather easily all those years ago. Sully’s sudden need for his ex-wife however, is a hundred and eighty turnaround, considering he didn’t seem to want to have anything to do with her years after he’d pushed her away. Skeptical as I am of the slippery slope of lust and carnal want (and the promises of forever) that both of them slide down, I’m already stubbornly hoping for Monroe Blake’s story…because he deserves much more than what he got in here.