Bride by Chocolate by Alexis Lusonne Montgomery

Bride by Chocolate by Alexis Lusonne MontgomeryBride by Chocolate by Alexis Lusonne Montgomery
Published by Entangled: Ignite on January 4th 2016
Pages: 262
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She's everything he's not looking for in a wife...
When not-so-sweet sabotage strikes Bebe Waterston’s gourmet chocolate factory, things start looking hopeless. But she’s not a quitter. After sacrificing her personal life to prove she can run the family business, she’ll do anything to save it—including accepting help from an unlikely source: San Francisco’s high society “ Prince Charming” .
Sam Sugarman’s on a mission to marry. And in Sam’s family, finding a wife follows a recipe that starts with a box of Waterston’s Chocolates. When the supply runs out right before Valentine’s Day, the savvy CFO steps in to solve the problem, and finds the cure for his sweet tooth in the spitfire redhead. But now his dilemma is two-fold: convince Bebe he isn’t the serial-dating playboy she believes him to be and keep her safe from the person menacing her and her business.
Thrown together as the danger escalates, the mismatched duo tangles in and out of the bedroom. With a benefit gala and the fast-approaching, day-of-love deadline, they’ll need more than the gold-foil delicacies destined for a bride by chocolate.

An amusing read, ‘Bride by Chocolate’, as the title suggests, chronicles the fall of a gourmet chocolatier at the feet of the playboy Prince Charming of San Francisco – who’s cute but somewhat dumb like Chis Pine’s Prince in ‘Into the Woods’ – when his bulk order is delayed by a shipment sabotage. Light-hearted and well, hard to take seriously at all – with names like Sam Sugarman and Freddy Finnerman -, I could almost (but not quite) shrug off Sam’s rail-roading methods, the almost-expected instant love in this rom-com/fairy-tale retelling and Bebe’s mild acceptance of her sudden presence in the Sugarman Empire.

I thought Sam/Bebe were a pairing that seemed more ridiculous than written in the stars, but then, that’s probably not quite the point here, when chocolate and a cast of quirky crazies get involved to spice up the tale. Make no mistake though, Tweety the bird is probably my favourite character here.