Flash Fire by Dana Marton

Flash Fire by Dana MartonFlash Fire by Dana Marton
Series: Civilian Personnel Recovery Unit #2
Published by Dana Marton on November 10th 2015
Pages: 279
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When an American teenager disappears abroad, Clara Roberts, a by-the-book investigator on a secret mission, joins forces with Light Walker, an ex-SEAL turned lawless mercenary, to save her. The sparks they generate—and the trouble they stir up—threaten to set the jungle ablaze. Nothing is what it seems in this fast-paced romantic thriller. As attraction grows into love, looming danger turns into all-out war, and the whole region explodes around them. Clara and Walker must hold on to each other and race against time to survive.

Dana Marton plunges us straight into the dirty, savage world of Mexican drug cartels, human trafficking and kidnappings and in the centre of it all is Light Walker, a mercenary who has forgotten how to feel and act in his bloodthirsty search for revenge. Strangely enough, the only woman who is his match is Clara Roberts, an uptight investigator whose humour, kindness and general kickassery (and isn’t beautiful, hooray!) prove to be just what he needs to kickstart his heart once again. Engrossing, full of suspense and action, there were twists and turns in the story that threw me off time and again and straight into what has been a thoroughly enjoyable ride from start to finish. My only complaint is their rushed HEA, and the RST which came so, so late.