Slater’s Leverage by Claudia Shelton

Slater’s Leverage by Claudia SheltonSlater's Leverage by Claudia Shelton
Series: OPAQUE Task Force, #1
Published by Claudia Shelton on November 10th 2015
Pages: 282
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Protector Agent Josh Slater has spent years working for the secret government-sponsored agency known as OPAQUE. All the while hoping to find the man who paid his father to bring down a plane killing the then head of OPAQUE. Now, Josh's new assignment brings him back face-to-face with the one woman he ever deserted. His life would have been easier letting Mackenzie continue to hate him for leaving, but she's been targeted as leverage and he'll do anything to insure her survival. Even face her anguish over his family's shame.
Mackenzie Baudin has been over Josh Slater for years, so the idea of her uncle sending him to be her protector meant only a slight hiccup in her steel resolve emotions. But her uncle's promise that within the next twenty-four hours she would know the complete truth about her life hit her like the plane crash ten years ago. The day her mother and father were killed.

Macki, a hotel-owner and former vice-cop is facing some serious threats and the person who is assigned to her for her protection just happens to be an old flame who walked out on her ten years ago seemingly without any good reason. Events of the past play a big role in helping both of them determine who and what these threats are, and also reveal secrets that many would rather keep hidden.

Action-packed and fast-paced, Slater’s Leverage was like a very impersonal viewing of police procedurals that sometimes involve off-the-record operations with private security firms. My only issue here is with the characters whom I didn’t feel for at all, even if they’ve got a history together. My initial impression of Josh Slater as the strong, silent and emotionally stunted arse didn’t change at all and his treatment of Macki (both past and present) made me dislike him even more, which was even more bewildering because the heroine in question simply veered between unforgiving and serene acceptance and desire in what felt like an instant. I’d expected more from both of them, and was sorely disappointed when a night of sex after ten years seemed synonymous with love and a HEA (after the prerequisite but formulaic firefight and big reveal).