Your B&B or Mine? by Melissa West

Your B&B or Mine? by Melissa WestYour B&B or Mine? by Melissa West
Series: Maple Cove #1
on November 9th 2015
Pages: 165
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All's fair in love and war, especially in the Deep South...
Savannah Hale never planned to come back to Maple Cove, Georgia. Her hometown has too many painful memories, especially of her high school sweetheart, who was killed during combat. And yet here she is...broken-hearted from her mother's death and left to deal with the Hale family legacy—Maple Cove's landmark bed and breakfast. In need of repairs and near foreclosure, she’s hanging on to the B&B by a thread. And the man out to buy it is the man she's never been able to forgive...or forget.
Former soldier Logan Park is haunted by memories of his own. Some are of his best friend. Others are filled with longing for the girl he could never have. Now Savannah is back, and their attraction can’t be denied. But Logan has already sacrificed everything to atone for his sins, and there’s no way he’ll let himself fall for a girl who might never love again.

Savannah Hale hasn’t stepped foot into Maple Cove for years, until the death of her mother forces her to make that journey back home…and to Logan Park, the man who was the best friend of her long-dead high school sweetheart. If the memory of what he’d done to her years before isn’t bad enough, she finds out that he’s now playing for the other side of the metaphorical fence – the real estate company ready to swoop in on the family’s B&B.

The story had such emotional potential – to plumb the depths of the human psyche when it comes to guilt, loss and pain – which I felt it never fulfilled. There was too much of the blame game played from the very start of the story and a little cliché-ridden which was a little annoying: Savannah blaming herself for not being there for her deceased mother; Logan’s guilt for wanting his dead mate’s girlfriend and going through women to forget her.  I soon tired of their volatility and worse yet, got rubbed the wrong way when it emerged that Logan had left Savannah years ago ‘for her own good’.

While this was an easy read, I found the characters unbelievable, a little flat and predictable for my liking.