The Blind by Shelley Coriell

The Blind by Shelley CoriellThe Blind by Shelley Coriell
Series: The Apostles #3
Published by Forever on July 28th 2015
Pages: 384
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As part of the FBI's elite Apostles team, bomb and weapons specialist Evie Jimenez knows playing it safe is not an option. Especially when tracking a serial killer like the Angel Bomber. He calls himself an artist—using women as his canvas and state-of-the-art explosives as his brush. His art lives and breathes . . . and with the flick of a switch . . . dies.
As the clock ticks down to his next strike, Evie faces an altogether different challenge: billionaire philanthropist and art expert Jack Elliott, who's made it clear he doesn't care for Evie's wild-card tactics.
Jack never imagined the instant heat for the Apostles' defiant weapons expert would explode his cool and cautious world—and make him long to protect this woman. But as Evie and Jack get closer to the killer's endgame, they will learn that safety and control are all illusions. For their quarry has set his sight on Evie for his final masterpiece...

A very compelling read, with layers and layers of mystery to unravel even if the romance felt a little forced – because it wasn’t needed at all to sustain the excellent narrative. Evie Jimenez is an admirably unyielding force in this book to the point where I’d replace the word headstrong with strength, but I wished I could have seen some sort of development that could have broken her further – and then put her together again.